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Kids Holiday Book Extravaganza #Giveaway

Kids Holiday Book Extravaganza Giveaway

Join the fun and win (1) grand prize of 10 incredible books, plus a chance to win one of each book from these amazing authors. Ends December 13, 2019.

Barbara Garrett's Mo Banda
Mo Banda is a serious, fearful little boy who overcomes his fear by facing it. Once he does this, he discovers fear can become a friend who might have some things to teach him about life! 

David P. Perlmutter’s Alaina's (NOT REALLY A DIARY) Diary

Alaina is just like lots of nearly-9-year-olds, excited for her upcoming birthday and a party with all her friends. BUT there is one girl who is NOT invited. In her diary Alaina records her everyday experiences with her many friends in the lead up to her party.
With tales of tomatoes, teachers and Taekwondo, stories of swimming, shopping and slime, anecdotes about animals, Ariana Grande and Alisha, Alaina's diary gives us a vivid insight into the world of school children growing up in Harrow, Greater London.
A fictional work inspired by real life stories of primary school children in Harrow. 70% of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Coram Beanstalk to fund literary support for primary school children in the London Borough of Harrow.
This book has been produced by St. George's Shopping Centre as part of their commitment to serving their community.

Scott Tree’s A Tree Story: Choose Your Course

We all make choices in our lives.  Some are good and some are bad, but we are the ones that make the choice.  A Tree Story shows how the choices we make can affect our future.  It is a great telling of the life of two tree brothers, their adventures, their joys, and their sorrows.  They had great hopes and dreams.  Their dreams do come true, but do they last?  It may not be a true story, but it is a tree story. 

Karin McCay: The Magic Mommy Series

Marvin and the Magic Bubble
The Magic Mommy series is destined to become a classic. Book One, Marvin and the Magic Bubble will leave kids giggling over this backyard adventure that gets out of control. Parents will enjoy it too, especially the whimsical twist at the end that gives Mommy the ultimate edge.

Marvin and the Big Race
Marvin considers himself a very fast runner, perhaps the fastest in the school. So, when Principal Diddly calls for a school race to the drug store, Marvin plans to be the first at the finish line. But when the race begins and all the kids run like ants into the street, something happens that changes Marvin forever. Unique to all the Magic Mommy Stories, Marvin and the Big Race begins with a tribute to motherhood and ends with a twist. The final thought will make parents and children want to snuggle up and talk about the message after the last page is turned.

Debra Addison Steffens: The Adventures of Shadow

The Adventures of Shadow the Almost Black Kitten - This is the first in a series of stories about a kitten's adventures through her eyes. The story is based on the life of the author's cat and is a true story. It is a positive, feel-good book for all ages. It shows that values such as responsibility and kindness matter. This book teaches us that love and caring make the difference in all lives.

Shadow’s Utah Adventure: Have you ever gotten lost when you were visiting a new place? It is a scary feeling when you don't recognize anything that will help you find your way out and get back home. Join Shadow, the almost black kitten on her next adventure, or should I say misadventure during a family trip in Utah. While playing a trick on everyone, it backfires, and Shadow gets lost while she and her family are camping near Arches National Park. She meets many new animal friends that try to help her get back home. Join Shadow and see if she finds her way home or has to find a new home.

M. Schmidt and Gene D. Donley’s Sammy: Hero at Age Five
“Kids can get hungry sometimes while on chemo,” says five-year-old Sammy, having a good day despite the malignant tumor invading his brain. Based on true events from the 1980s, Sammy’s story is imagined by his mother and brother as if the young boy might tell it himself. The result is gripping. Told in two parts, Sammy’s account first invites us into the everyday middle-American lives of a mom and her two boys. Sammy is a sweet, good-hearted kid, even as he faces the most difficult challenges in Part 2: “Cancer Arrived.” Here Sammy talks us through hospital trips and procedures, the hardest parts as well as moments of simple joy. It is not always possible to survive such a grim diagnosis, so Sammy and his family must embrace the smaller victories from one day to the next. Finally, our young hero is given one last opportunity to find his own unique path toward triumph. Listen closely as Sammy tells us all what matters most.

Dan-Dwayne: The Land of Neither Here nor There

Magic and faraway places that are at your fingertips, this is what the
‘Land of Neither Here nor There’ is made of. It‘s a place that exists
between the sea and the shore. It's where monsters climb out of the sea and talk to children sitting on the sandy beach. It’s a place where you can find great adventure. Little boy’s dogs can talk, and mirrors can transport you to fanciful places.
It is a place where adventure exists on the very edge of your most prized possession. It’s a certain country not too far to the East and not too far from the West, which is neither near nor far away. It is in a time when the world was neither young nor old and creatures of yore still roam the earth there. It was a forgotten time and yet not long ago at all. It is a place where creatures of all kinds are full of wonder and magic. Open the pages of this book if you dare. For adventure awaits the one who can find the Land of Neither Here nor There.

Denay Hooks: The Adventures of Bug and Boo Under the Sea

Come join Bug and Boo on their amazing adventure under the sea. Bug has a rare disease and uses a wheelchair, but when she and her brother are on these adventures, she is able to do things her body doesn’t typically allow. They swim with colorful fish, find an old pirate ship, and still manage to make it home by dinner. It is an engaging story that inspires adventure for all children.

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November #Giveaways!

I'm excited to announce 2 exciting giveaways I'm running this November.

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Strangely I'm Still Here!

Strangely I'm Still Here

A Journey With a Brilliant Author, Blogger of the Year, 

and All-Around Great Guy 

I am very excited to bring to you a dear friend Seumas Gallacher, who has just released his autobiography. He is a fascinating Scotsman with an intriguing background in international banking and finance, then corporate troubleshooter turned best-selling author. Please check out his post to learn more! I'd love for you to follow him over on his blog here. 

A Journey to Myself – Writing my Autobiography

 By Seumas Gallacher
For authors, the old maxim is often quoted, ‘Write about what you know.’

I’ve been at this writing game properly for over a decade now, with a back list of five crime thrillers, a book of my poetry, a self-help marketing and promotional guide for authors, and almost 2,000 blog posts. Add to that a catalog of half-a-dozen ghostwriting assignments for other people’s ‘autobiographies’, and it’s of little wonder that the thought occurred to put my own life story and experiences to print. ‘Write about what you know.’

What happened next was a sometime bewildering, sometime painful, sometime joyful, but always exhilarating, writing trip of discovery. I now understand more clearly than ever before just how much I am truly an amalgam of everything, everybody and everywhere with which and with whom I have ever been associated.

Were there regrets? Of course. Probably far too many to register. I doubt if more than a handful of people on this planet have led a flawless, blameless existence. But I do know that every single incident and experience, good, bad and indifferent, was necessary to bring me to this moment in my life. And I would not seek to change one second of it.

It is amazing how memories bring back not only the plain telling of the story, but for me, it also recalled the feelings and emotions that I had in most of them. I felt them again, and again, and again, some with laughter, but also many of them attended with a quiet tear.

I believe, at this age, finally, I am aware of who and what I am as a person. I like the man I see in the mirror each morning, although it was not always thus. I have acquired a tolerance of myself and my own shortcomings, but more importantly, I have learned to ‘live and let live’ in relation to others whom I meet day to day.

What surprises me, is that having published the book just a few weeks ago, I find that I am remembering many other things which could have been included in the memoir. I will resist the temptation to edit online the Amazon Kindle version, which is easy to do, on the same premise that once I finish writing my novels, I leave them finished.

To all my author friends and even those who have not yet caught the writing addiction, you may want to consider a similar project. It is a wondrous journey to yourself.

Here’s the book blurb:

Fact is often more incredible than fiction. 
Seumas Gallacher has survived long enough to savor places, characters, and events for more than forty years in the Far East and the Arabian Gulf.

He started life in Scotland traveled far and wide as a wannabe Trainee Master of the Universe, but the Universe had other plans for him.
From a career in banking, he escaped to become a corporate troubleshooter.

He discovered the joy and torture of becoming a wordsmith, writing five best-selling crime novels, a book of poetry, and being hyper-active on social media.
‘Strangely, I’m Still Here’ is his story.

Amazon Kindle universal link:

Other Amazon books by Seumas:
Find Seumas' Crime Books Here
Find his self-publishing book here:

Find Seumas' Poetry Book here


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Outlandish Dreams Come True! How I Made the Best Seller List With #Outlander

#Outlandish Dreams Come True!

When I first read the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon in the early 2000's, I fell in love with the characters, the richness of the storytelling and the details of how people lived back in the seventeen hundreds before the Scottish uprising. 

I never imagined that I would write a book, much less that if I did, it would end up on the best seller list with her novels, but that happened this week! Squeee!!

Check it out here!

Eventually, I read her book, the Outlandish Companion where Diana discussed her somewhat haphazard way of writing chapters and later connecting them to each other and it really inspired me to consider writing a novel. I always thought you had to be super structured, which I definitely am not. 

I took a while deciding on what to write about but after experiencing 4 major hurricanes in six-weeks in central Florida in the summer of 2004 I felt I had the perfect backdrop for an exciting series. 

It wasn't until a decade later that I finished fiddling around with Stealing Time and took the plunge publishing it. Later published Shattering Time. I'm currently working on the third book in the series, Killing Time. You can hear me talking a bit about Killing Time in my latest video chat on my website here.

Watch the video here!

Living History

What fascinates me the most about Outlander was the concept of living as a modern woman in the past, and the living conditions and social norms of the times. I had a lot of fun researching all of those historical details and in a way living there vicariously through my characters, albeit it in the comfort of my writing cave, and not subject to the horrors my characters are put through. 

One of the shocking things I learned about 1752 London was that as a wedding gift in a lower class society, the woman's family would have all her teeth pulled and give her dentures. This way the husband wouldn't have to pay to have her teeth removed as they rotted in their mouths over time. Can you imagine that? So glad I'm living now and not then!

Time Travel Romance Best Seller Category on Amazon

I placed a BookBub ad, and if you know what that is you know it's really hard to get a spot. I finally did and the results were incredible! All three of my books ranked on the Best Seller List on Amazon. 

In the top ten best sellers in Time Travel Romance, 
9 of them were from the Outlander Series, 
and at #2 was my book, Shattering Time!

Time Travel Fiction Best Seller

Also, last week I outranked Stephen King's Time Travel Fiction book, 11/23/1963, one of my recent favorite time travel novels!

Best Rankings Ever!

I set Stealing Time (book 1) for free and it spent 3 days at the #1 spot in both categories (Time Travel Romance and Historical Fantasy) and ranked as high as #16 in the entire Free Kindle Store.

Shattering Time (Book 2)

I put my second book on sale for 99cents and it ranked the highest it ever has reached --  Time Travel Romance #2 under Outlander. 

Three Books in the Best Seller Categories!

Now that my books are back to regular price my books are still ranking really well with all three in the bestseller category!

Here is the breakdown Saturday afternoon, Shattering Time (book 2) ranks at #7 in Time Travel Romance, Stealing Time (book 1) is ranked at #29 in the same category and Blow is ranked #6 in One Hour Teen and Young Adult Short Reads!

 Blow's Ranking the same day!

Thank you for all of your support! 

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Review for Stealing Time:

Review for Shattering Time

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