Thursday, September 29, 2016

David Perlmutter -- Episode 55 -- Right Place Right Time For Securing a Publishing Deal

David Perlmutter -- Episode 55 -- Right Place Right Time For Securing a Publishing Deal:

We are excited to bring to you one of our favorite authors David Perlmutter for your listening pleasure. Dave is a dynamo and a marketing genius with a wealth of ideas in his
#CheekyMarketing campaign that he confesses included placing marketing materials in the men's rest rooms during the last London Book Fair. We interviewed Dave a year ago and within that time so much has happened due to his dogged determination that has resulted in scoring his first traditional publishing deal with his book Wrong Place Wrong Time. Dave is always a fun and witty guest and this interview is a joy to listen to. 


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 4 -- Blondie and the Brit Awards -- Category 6 Most Helpful Writing Process

Week 4 of Blondie and the Brit Podcast Awards 

In Honor of our One Year Anniversary

Blondie and the Brit are excited to announce our first

“Blondie and the Brit Podcast Awards” 

This week we have only one category for 

voting: The Most Helpful Writing Process.

We also wanted to give a special Podcast Hero Award to someone who has gone above and beyond in supporting our podcast. This is an instant award and skips any voting procedures. 

We are so excited to introduce to you to are second amazing author, who is recipient of our second Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. Susan Wingate is not only a fabulous writer but she is also a great support and resources for other writers. Over the last year we have felt Susan's support in so many different ways from supporting us through our book launches and Facebook parties to interviewing us on her own podcast. Both a traditionally and Indie author she extents herself in so many way to support the writing community, through her classes, her online influence and her whole-hearted devotion to her craft. We can't think of a better choice for our special hero award. Thank you Susan for all you do. 

Susan is our second winner in this special category. Our first was S.J. Herman. Please take a minute to connect with these authors and their work and feel the love and support just as we have done.   

Congratulations Susan!!

Category 6 -- Most Helpful Writing Process

Please click on the clips to listen and vote below for your favorite. 

Melody Robinette -- The Pomodoro Method

Graeme Ing -- Scrivener Software for Writers

Deb Lund -- Increasing the Conflict and Suspense in Fiction

Terry Persun -- Fostering Creativity in your Life to Enhance Your Writing

Ellie Alexander -- Writing in Layers to Enhance the Story

Each week over the past month we released the nominees for you to vote on. Next week we release the final two categories. All categories will be open for voting until October 7

We will announce all the winners at our Blondie and Brit Awards and Birthday Bash Facebook party on Friday, October 14.  Please join the fun here. (You have to join to see the posts.)

Most Helpful Writing Process

Melody Robinette
Graeme Ing
Deb Lund

1. 1 vote per person per category.
2. Votes must be cast by October 7 midnight central time.
3. Winners will be announced on Friday, October 14, 2016 during our Facebook party. You do not have to be present to win. Please invite everyone to join the fun.

4. Winners will receive a trophy, a widget for website and eternal bragging rights and other exciting opportunities.
Terry Persun
Ellie Alexander
Free Poll creator


Please listen to our last podcast here where we review the voting prior to this week and provide the best tips from our year of podcasting. 

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