Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blondies' Book Cover Artwork -- Stealing Time

Blondie's Book Cover
Artwork for Stealing Time

I've been working across the Internet with a professional photographer, Jody Smyers*, to create the cover for my first novel -- Stealing Time. I've narrowed it down to seven choices and would love for you to take a minute to vote for your favorite. I'll reveal the final version in a future blog. I'm new to this whole thing so any advice or constructive comments are welcome! Please let me know what you think. 

Synopsis of Stealing Time: 

Ronnie Andrews, a 28 year old blonde, finds herself inexplicably thrown back in time during Charley, the first hurricane to hit Central Florida in over forty years. 

She finds herself hopelessly entangled in the life of Jack Ingram, a Londoner, whose world is crumbling at the hands of an unprecedented shift in time. Join Ronnie on her adventures in my debut novel -- Stealing Time -- out this summer. Be sure to watch for the release of book two and three.







Thank you for stopping by "Blondie in the Water." I hope you took a minute to vote and comment. Voting is in the upper right corner of the blog. Comments are below. Would love to hear what you think of the cover designs! Did you like the choices? Which one did you choose?

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When I'm not working on Stealing Time you can find me on my social media at the links below. I hope to have my novel completed by spring 2013 with book two close behind.

*If you like the artwork drop Jody Smyers a line at @JoJo_Photo on twitter or check out his website at Amazing photographer!