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Bradford Scripps Author Spotlight -- Blondie's Books From Friends

Blondie's Books From Friends -- Bradford Scripps, Author Spotlight

Bradford Scripps, Author, Entrepreneur
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Bradford Scripps

This week on my Author Spotlight, I bring you something completely different than the horror of Wendy Potocki, or the thrill from Rachel Amphlett. Today I am featuring Bradford Scripps's and his new children's book called Who are the Fear Fighters?! A non-watery book, but I've made the exception for this talented young fella. 

Brad's travel site:
I met Brad on twitter a few years ago and I'm quite impressed with his entrepre-neurial spirit. Since we met he has created several diverse projects including a travel website, an app, and a childrens' book. How is that for talent?

The travel site is called Tripizy and you can find it here:
It is a site where you can book everything from hotels, flights, cruises and rental cars. Book your next hotel stay for up to 80% off with over two hundred and fifty thousand properties 

Brad's App ToGather
Coming Soon!

ToGather App

Brad's app, ToGather, will be available in three weeks. 

With ToGather you can organize a public or private event, find friends nearby to hang out with, find out what is trending for events in your area, follow friends, family, colleagues and much more. 

It is the fastest and easiest way to create an event. Stay tuned I'll be tweeting his links when that is out. 


Brad has created an entire brand around this book and the characters. Please take a minute to checkout the Website where you can find a lot of character details, a Fear Fighting Certificate, and other fun things. 


Devin has normal fears of anyone his age. He is afraid of the dark and animals really scare him. Like a lot of kids, he has trouble facing his fears. 

After a class field trip to the zoo where he is made fun of by the class bullies, Devin is dared to return to the zoo that night to prove he isn't scared. After bluffing, and saying that he didn't have fears, Devin and, his best friend, Aiden go on a wild, heart-pumping adventure and along the way faces his fears, makes new friends, and experiences an adrenaline surging night that ultimately changes their lives forever. 

From author Bradford W. Scripps comes an exciting and feel-good story introducing a new children's brand that helps your kids face their fears. Kids learn that family and friends are always there for support.

What People are Saying

"An engaging and well-written story that gives children power over fear and the necessary coping skills to feel better, stronger, and safer. This book is a great teaching tool to explore childhood fears and to help children understand that they are not alone and that there are many people they can reach out. A must in classroom libraries!"

Ana Lorena Fabrega, Bachelor Degree in Childhood Education and Special Education at New York University
1st grade Teacher (Boston Private School) The Learning Project Elementary School

"Who Are The Fear Fighters?! is a charismatic story that addresses the normality of having childhood fears. This exciting storyline depicts the positive impact of having support and encouragement from friends to help in the process of overcoming the feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Courage, trust, and friendship all played their parts to triumph fear."

Annick Dagot, Masters of Arts in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy, Bachelors of Arts in Early Childhood Education (Grades K-3)

"As a teacher I read daily to my class during read aloud time.  What I like about The Fear Fighters, it will capture the full attention of children all ages and spark their imagination.   The writer addresses the problem right away and takes the children on an action packed adventure that will have the reader rooting for Devin to overcome his fear of animals. 
The writer’s sensitivity and ability to address problems that young children fear but are not able to express is amazing. An excellent book! A must read for all young children."

Minnie DeVico, Master's Degree from Point Loma University.  
"Very endearing story that my boys (5 & 7) related very well to. They are both really into learning about wild animals. Knowing the Fear Fighter's were wild animals kept them enthralled with the story.   As a mom, I appreciate the fact that the author addresses common fears most children have. The story reinforced to my boys that their fears can be overcome through confidence in themselves and friendship!" 

Cristina Spillane, Mother of two boys


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