Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 2 -- Blondie and the Brit Awards -- Most Creative Book Promotion and Best Fangirl/Boy Story

Week 2 of Blondie and the Brit Podcast Awards 

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In Honor of our One Year Anniversary

Blondie and the Brit are excited to announce our first

“Blondie and the Brit Podcast Awards” 

Each week over the next month we will release the nominees for you to vote on. All categories will be open for voting until October 7​We will announce all the winners at our Blondie and Brit Awards and Birthday Bash Facebook party on Friday, October 14.  Please join the fun here. (You have to join to see the posts.)

This week we have two categories to vote on. The Most Creative Book Promotion and Best Fan Girl/Boy Story. 

Category 2: Most Creative Book Promotion -- Nominees 

Click on the clips below to listen and vote below. Be sure to vote for both categories.

David Perlmutter -- #Cheeky Marketing to sell your book

Mark Sadler -- Pinterest Secret Files

Munir Bello -- Naked Marketing Flyers

Nicole Waggoner -- Teasing your Second Book on Website

Seumas Gallacher -- Using Linkedin to Promote Sales

Most Creative Book Promotion

David Perlmutter
Munir Bello
Seumas Gallacher
Mark Sadler
Nicole Waggoner

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Category 3: Best Fan Girl/Boy Story -- Nominees.

Click on the clips below to listen and vote below. Be sure to vote for both categories.

Camille Di Maio -- How she presented her book to Paul McCartney

Tom Nichols -- Hollywood Hills with Tarintino

Kim Hunt Harris -- Diana Gabaldon Ultimate Fan Girl

Edward Stanton -- Paul Stanley of KISS Fame Keeping his Identity Secret

Best Fan Girl/Fan Boy

Camille DiMaio
Kim Hunt
Tom Nichols
Edward Stanton

Please listen to our last podcast here where we review the voting prior to this week and provide the best tips from our year of podcasting. 

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