Sunday, May 28, 2017

Shattering (Island) Time -- Stop 5 The Bahamas

Shattering (Island) Time Book Tour -- Stop 5 The Bahamas

Welcome to the Bahamas! 

Photo courtesy of my author pal John Malik who is visiting The Bahamas now.  Visit him at

Today I continue the Shattering (Island) Time book tour that is following the path of Hurricane Frances. The Bahamas was hit hard by this massive storm, that plays a key role in my upcoming release, Shattering Time. Frances was the first hurricane to hit the entire archipelago since 1924 and caused the near destruction of their agricultural economy.  

We will begin our adventure on Pig Beach where we will swim with the pigs on this glorious day.

These friendly critters are thought to have survived from a shipwreck, possibly from pirates or even perhaps Columbus himself. On his second trip he brought animals on the journey. If I come back as an animal in my next life I'm putting dibs on these critters.   


Once we've had our fill of piggy delight we'll take the boat over to one of the other cool and exciting destinations. I'll let you vote on what's next but first let me share with you two exciting #giveaways that I have going on that involve my book. 

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The Bahamas Adventure

Okay, back to the exciting adventure we have awaiting us. Today we have the choice of heading to the following destinations:

1. Dean's Blue Hole -- on Long Island, and not the kind full of New Yorkers. It is the deepest blue hole in the world at 202 meters. 

2. Lucayan National Park, that is named after the the Indians that originally lived on the islands fro 900 - 1500 AD. First we'll enjoy a tour of the smallish cave and learn about the wildlife within. Then a walk through the mangroves to the kayak area and enjoy a few hours of kayak adventuring until we relax on Gold Rock Beach for a swim and lounge in the sun. 

3. In Florida at Discovery Cove I had the amazing adventure with my daughter to swim with dolphins. I'd love to do it again with you in Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter

4. What about an
Courtesy of John Malik
adventure by plane to the bigger island of Nassau where I have reserved a horse drawn carriage called a surrey to get a tour of the history of Nassau and the ancient sites and forts. 

5. For the financially adventurous we should offer the opportunity to visit the casinos on Paradise Island for some shows and gambling. The Atlantis Resort awaits!

Vote on our Bahama Adventure Itinerary

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Lucayan National Park
Dolphin Encounter
Nassau Surrey Historical Tour
Paradise Island Casino
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