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Stealing Time in the Main Stream Free Books From Friends

Comment to win FREE BOOKS -- Stealing Time in the Main Stream

This is not an April Fool's joke. I have a bunch of free books to give away every day this week! Just leave a comment on this blog to enter to win! 

My debut novel, Stealing Time, is out on all platforms now -- Paperback, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Scribid, Inktera, Smashwords and more! 

It was released in December on Amazon and has all 5 star reviews on both the US and UK sites. These are natural reviews from actual readers, not persuaded or bought. It's such a thrill to have readers love it as much as I do!

Click here for the Stealing Time Prologue and First Two Chapters plus all of the 5 Star Reviews from Amazon!

Please help me get the word out on my debut novel! I'm an independent author working hard to promote my first book. Please share this post and lend a hand. At the end of this post  I've included the first two chapters to get you hooked.

FREE Books!
To celebrate I am offering FREE books from many of my past Author Spotlights and a few FREE signed paperbacks of Stealing Time!  To see how to win read below!

Half Off Stealing Time on ebook

I have a smashwords ebook coupon for half off an ebook copy if you use the code RA85B, for an incredible value of $1.50 for hours of thrilling entertainment. Click here to take advantage of it for a limited time only. Half off Ebook Copy of Stealing Time

How to Win Free Books!

Comment on this blog to enter to win a FREE autographed copy of Stealing Time and the other books featured below. One random winner per day will be chosen. Please come back each day to qualify for another free book. My author pals are offering paperback, ebooks and audiobooks, depending on what they have available. I'll ask your preference when I contact you if there is a choice.

In case you don't win but still want a signed copy of Stealing Time, leave me your contact information in a comment or on any of my social media sights below.

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Author Spotlight Freebies

Here are the FREE books I'm offering this week on my blog and carrying over to next week as well.  To win leave a comment below and way for me to contact you (social media link). I'll add new authors each day so come back and comment again for more chances to win. I'll let you pick which book you want as long as it's available.

1. Perfectly Flawed by Shaunna Rodriguez. You're going to love this comedy. Here is what one reader said, "It's non-stop laughs when confessions of a shopaholic collides with naive Grace Galloway in Perfectly Flawed." Jessica Taylor From Missouri. Look for Shaunna in next week's author spotlight here with some cool giveaways.

1. Round and Round by Terry Tyler. Terry is one of my first author friends and has been a great supporter. Her book is her 9th published and is a great novella chick lit read.
Check out the write up on Amazon 

2. Savage Payback by Seumas Gallacher is an international thriller. Check out the author spotlight on Seumas here.

3. Thrill by Wendy Potocki, her author spotlight is here. Wendy writes horror and thrillers and this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

4. Who Are the Fear Fighters by Bradford Scripps is a children's book that helps kids fight their fears. Here is his author spotlight for more on his apps and the book. 

5. Any book in the Heart Search Series by 
Carlie M. A. Cullen. See her author spotlight here. These are vampire romance stories that you will love!

6. Before Nightfall by Rachel Amphlett. Please check out her author spotlight here and a great story on how she came up with one of book concepts. The story is a suspense thriller that I know you will enjoy.

7. Ocean of Dust a YA thriller from Graeme Ing. Check out his author spotlight with an excellent excerpt on the story. This is a smart, exciting story that even adults will enjoy. 

Graeme is also giving away a signed copy of his other sci fi novel, Necromancer, as well. Here is the cover and amazon link to see what it's about.

Check out the Amazon page here for more on this book.

8. The Rejected Writer's Book Club by Suzanne Kelman. Here is the author spotlight on her and the book. It is a heartwarming funny story of an outsider fitting in. 

9. Wrong Place Wrong Time by David Perlmutter. Here is his author spotlight with an excerpt from the book, a true crime story of David's trip to Spain gone horribly wrong.  He is giving away an audio book!

Come back tomorrow for a few new authors thrown into the mix!

See below for the first two chapters of Stealing Time.

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