Sunday, October 16, 2016

Winners of Blondie and the Brit Awards

Welcome to the first annual Blondie and the Brit Awards and Birthday Bash celebration! If you’ve grabbed your party hat please don it and join in.
Thank you for all of your votes, shares and support! This has been a fantastic five weeks of voting. We appreciate all of your support. 

First things first. All of our winners will receive:

1.   A Blondie and the Brit award (pictured above),
2.   The opportunity for a second interview on the show sometime in the next year,
3.   A widget for your website with your award announcement,
4.   A Best of Blondie and the Brit podcast with a quick interview update for those who make themselves available,
5.   Listing on our website under Awards Winners, and
6.   Eternal bragging rights.

SJ Hermann Podcast Hero Award

 SJ Hermann
Our first award is one of our Blondie and Brit Hero Awards. Congratulations to SJ Hermann for being our first recipient of The Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. SJ’s is an emphatic supporter of Blondie and the Brit, both in reposting about our books and our supporting our podcast in general, he is also an encouraging advocate for all Indie Authors. One of our earlier interviews, his podcast has far surpassed any other in the number of downloads. S.J. is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror and urban fantasy novels. You can find out more about him here on his website.

Category 1 – Best Social Media Tip 

Our nominees for the Best Social Media tip are:

And our winner is:

Rachel Thompson
We loved this tip from Rachel Thompson about her #MondayBlogs creation. Rachel had so many great author tips it was hard to pick just one to feature. Congrats Rachel for the win! Please check out her website at

Here is Rachel’s winning clip:

 Category 2 – Most Creative Book Promotion

 The nominees for the Most Creative Book Promotion Award are:

Nicole Waggoner

Our winner in the category Most Creative Book Promotion is the amazing Nicole Waggoner. No surprises here! Her tip on how to pull a potential reader into a second book in a series was a great promotional tool. Both Blondie and the Brit are planning on using this one in their own upcoming books.  Check out her website
Here is the winning clip (Nicole)

Category 3 – Best Fangirl/Boy Story

Our nominees in this category are:

Kim Harris

Congratulations to Kim Hunt Harris for winning Best Fangirl story. Kim’s interview was hilarious and we really loved hearing her story about meeting Diana Gabaldon. Diana is KJ’s favorite author so I agree with our audience on this one for sure. Thank you Kim for giving us a great interview with such a great clip. You can find out more about Kim on her website

Here is the winning clip (Kim)

Category 4 – Funniest Podcast

 Our nominees for this category are:
J.D. Lexx

There were many podcasts we could have included in this award as we have had so much fun with so many authors, however we had to narrow it down and the winner in the category with the most votes from our podcast audience is J.D. Lexx with his incredible wit who kept us laughing through the whole interview. Learn more about J.D. on his website

Here is the winning clip from J.D

Susan Wingate Podcast Hero Award

Susan Wingate

We are honored to introduce to you to another amazing author who is recipient of our second Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. Susan Wingate is not only a fabulous writer but she is also a great support and resources for other writers. Over the last year we have felt Susan's support in so many different ways from helping us through our book launches and Facebook parties to interviewing us on her own podcast. Both a traditionally and Indie author she extents herself in so many way to support the writing community, through her classes, her online influence and her whole-hearted devotion to her craft. We can't think of a better choice for our special hero award. Thank you Susan for all you do. You can find more about Susan by visiting her website here:

Category 5 – Best New Author Story 

Our next category was Best New Author Story where authors shared how they were discovered. Our nominees are:

Darynda Jones -- Agent Beauty Contest
Susan Spann -- Ten Years of Tenacity
Patricia Sands -- Every Day is a Gift
David Estes -- Accountant to Full-Time Writer on the Beach

And the Winner is: Darynda Jones

Congrats! Darynda was our very first aired interview on October 1, 2015. Her story of being discovered by St. Martin’s Press after winning the Golden Heart Romance Award was a very inspiring. Thank you Darynda for giving us your time and talents for our debut podcast. You can find out more about Darynda at is the winning clip from Darynda

Category 6 – Most Helpful Writing Process

Nominees for the Most Helpful Writing Process award are:

Melody Robinette

We are excited to announce the Most Helpful Writing Process winner is Melody Robinette

Our listeners deemed this as the Most Helpful Writing Process. We were so glad to meet this great author and KJ has already tried and used this writing tip successfully. Melody Robinette was our winner with her great Pomodoro technique. Find out more about Melody on her website:
Here is the winning clip from Melody

Category 7 – Most Inspired Storytelling

The nominees for our Most Inspired Storytelling category are:


Vaun Murphrey is the winner of the Most Inspired Storytelling with her description of what inspires her science fiction writing. I loved this clip where she shares the scientific articles that were the spark for two of her novels. Congratulations Vaun! We loved your interview and were glad you were able to stay up past 8:00 pm to talk to us. Check her out on her website

Here is the winning clip from Vaun

Martin Lastrapes Hero Award

Martin Lastrapes

We are so excited to introduce to you to our third amazing author who is the recipient of our Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. Martin Lastrapes was a great support to us and our podcast when we first launched and featured us on his Podcast for an in depth interview. Martin is an award-winning novelist, a Buffy enthusiast, and a podcaster. His debut novel, Inside the Outside, has been praised by readers and critics alike and in the spring of 2012 it won the Grand Prize in the Paris Book Festival.  You can find out more about Martin here on his website:

Category 8 – Best Professional Publishing Tip 

Nominees for the Best Professional Publishing Tip are:

Jeri Walker 

Our winner for the Best Professional Tip is Jeri Walker! Congrats! Jeri joined us on the program to talk editing and we ended up learning a lot about blogging and other author marketing resources. Thank you for sharing your expertise Jeri! For more great book marketing and writing advice check out her blog

Here is Jeri’s winning clip:

Best Overall Podcast -- Blondie’s Choice 

The last category for us is our overall personal favorite podcasts. We both chose the one we had enjoyed the most over the whole year. 

I’m so excited to announce Blondie’s Choice award for my favorite podcast of the year. Rachel Thompson!

I chose Rachel’s podcast for this award because of the endless great advice contained within. We gave you her clip on #MondayBlogs but it truly was hard to choose the best one in the interview that we spread out into two podcasts because it was so full of great author and book marketing tips and advice. Rachel gives back so much to our author community with her #bookmarketing chats Wednesday nights, her great articles on her blog and endless great content and tips.

Thank you Rachel! Stay tuned because next week we will have an update from Rachel on the podcast about all of the new and exciting things she is working on now.

Best Overall Podcast -- Brit’s Choice – Terry Persun

For the Brit, there was no contest for this award. This author was not only gracious, funny, and informative. He was also one of the most versatile and knowledgeable authors I have ever met. We ended up interviewing him twice for an hour each time and he had new and interesting things to say. I also had my writers “ahh” moment during one of those interviews. 

Terry Persun 

I am excited to announce that the Brits favorite over all podcast interview went to the amazing Terry Persun. Thank you Terry for all you do for authors and for the amazing creative spirit you are.  You can find out more about Terry at

Here is Terry’s winning clip:

Congratulations to all of our Winning Authors 

Thank you for all of your support of the podcast and Suzanne and KJ.
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