Sunday, July 9, 2017

Time Travel and Hurricanes -- Shattering Time!

 Shattering Time is Now Available in Paperback and eBook!

It is with great pleasure that announce my second book is available in print and in paperback. It is the sequel to my best selling time travel novel Stealing Time set in a hurricane.

Why Hurricanes and Time Travel?

I've had many people over the years ask my why hurricanes? Why time travel? I think they've always been a part of me with a fascination with severe weather borne from my childhood watching thunderstorms with my dad.

I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic states and have seen my share of hurricanes and tropical storms. The worst storm I was ever in happened three days after I moved to Florida with my family in 2004 when Hurricane Charley hit. Within six-weeks four major hurricanes hit the state.

Time travel as always fascinated me, beginning with the book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle that my step-mother read to me in an enchanting arboretum in Pennsylvania. The endless possibilities get my brain cracking. When I discovered Outlander by Diana Gabaldon where a world war II nurse goes back in time to the Scottish Uprising in the late 1700's. It completely captured my imagination and soaked into my being. After the 2004 hurricanes hit, I decided if I was going to write anything I would never get a better setting for a thriller than that summer.

The following year is when my ideas for the Stealing Time series coalesced, forming one long book, but I later realized it was better served as a series. Now it has grown to four books, Stealing Time released 2015, Shattering Time released now, Killing Time, out next year, and Fracturing Time.

Shattering Time

Shattering Time is the second book in the Stealing Time Series and it begins right after Stealing Time ends, where Ronnie Andrews has returned from her time traveling to 1752 London and is trying to piece her life back together. A monster storm, Hurricane Frances is barreling towards Florida and Ronnie begins a new job with a very intriguing boss, Mike Walsh. Ronnie feels there is something about Mike that reminds her of Mathias, the man she fell in love with back in London.

Ronnie's fears mount about being sent back in time during the storm. Her fears are realized when she goes back not only once, but three times to different troubled times, in completely different locales. One of the most dangerous places is Roanoke Island, North Carolina where she encounters the first English Colony in the New World in 1588.  This is the famed Lost Colony of Roanoke Island that to this day historians are baffled at their disappearance leaving only one word carved into a tree, Croatoan.

I'm thrilled to have such great reviews on it so far. I have 10 reviews and a total 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is the last week it will be on sale for $2.99. Next week it goes up to $3.99 so grab your copy now!

Here are some of the reviews:  Click here for the full reviews.

of 5 stars

Shattering Time is a page turner, and for that reason is a quick read. I definitely recommend it, even to those who never thought they would enjoy time travel fiction. Oddly enough, I only recognized the complexity of the characters after I completed the book and let it all sink in.

of 5 star

I have been dying for this book to be released since I read 
Stealing Time in my Indie Book Connect box and 
fell in love with this story. I was thrilled to find that 
Shattering Time picks up exactly where Stealing Time left 
off and continues this incredible yet believable story. If you 
haven't read KJ Waters yet, you are missing out on one of 
the best authors of our time!

The main character, Ronnie, is so engaging and authentic 
that you can't help getting carried along with her through 
her emotional journey and when life throws her a dummy. 
The dialogue, the characterizations and the adventures that 
the plot leads to makes this a thrilling read with a real desire 
to hurry Waters along with the next entry.

Shattering Time is a masterpiece, one of the most riveting 
books I have ever read! After reading KJ Waters’ number 
one best-selling thriller Stealing Time, her first book in the 
series, and her related short story Blow, I became captivated 
by her adeptness in taking the reader by the hand and 
whisking them through spine tingling adventures, combining the excitement of deadly hurricanes, time travel, romance, betrayal, and mystery.

of 5 The main character, Ronnie, is so engaging and authentic that you can't help getting carried along with her through her emotional journey and when life throws her a dummy. The dialogue, the characterizations and the adventures that the plot leads to makes this a thrilling read with a real desire to hurry Waters along with the next ent