Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blondie in Bermuda

Blondie in Bermuda

As you’ve gathered from my blog posts I love water -- rivers, beaches, pools, lakes, and especially Bermuda. I have included many good and bad water adventures in my first novel, Stealing Time, about hurricanes and time travel. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in paperback and other places here! In the meantime join me while I relive a day on the pink sandy beaches of Bermuda.  

Bermuda is a bit 'o heaven.

It was July and Bermuda was the only place in the world I wanted to be with the sun on my shoulders and the gorgeous blue sea in front of me. I was excited by what I might find in the tranquil coves and lagoons that littered the coast of Bermuda. The fact that a handsome and amazingly well-muscled man joined me on this adventure did not hurt the excitement factor one iota.

We rent a scooter and make our way along the narrow winding roads avoiding the overloaded trucks taking their half of the road from the center. The island is breathtaking, full of pastel cottages in shades of pink, blue, and salmon all with impossibly white roofs. Meandering along oleander lined streets, pink and white flowers reaching out to touch us as we drive by, we make our way to the outskirts of the island looking for an isolated beach to explore.

Little Pink Houses

Once there, we park the scooter and head to the water with snorkel gear in hand. While standing knee deep in the water he cheerfully informs me that, “Several years ago three people were eaten by a shark at this very spot.”

Please not me! Take the man he's bigger. 

I look around at the lack of bystanders we will need to pull our bodies out of the water. With false innocence, he looks at me and continues his grisly lesson, pointing at the lagoon’s edge. “Over there a ten year old boy lost his leg.” 

I look but don’t want to see. Seriously? These are not thoughts I want swimming beside me in the water. I was satisfied with the blissful ignorance we had at the beginning of the journey. What happened to the tranquil coves? Unhappy with my new found knowledge on the subject of bloody and dismembered people, I take another swig from my water and toss it in the sand.  

“This is the part where you stick that snorkel in your mouth and bite it.” I say trying to scrub my brain free of the horrible images he planted there. He obliges by sliding into the water smiling, knowing his tease worked. It only takes me a few minutes to brush it aside since I am too enamored with the tranquil blue lagoon and tiny squid flitting just inches below the waterline, yet always out of reach.

Cute little squid will save me from the shark.

After awhile the breathtaking beauty of the coral reefs teaming with life overcomes my ill-begotten fears. The colors of the palm trees, flowers, and lush greenery of the land seem pale in contrast to all of the fuchsias, yellows, and blues of the fish darting and diving around the pink coral rocks. 

Can I stay under here forever?

The view of my man in swim trunks and snorkel gear is mighty fine, too. Later we return to the scooter with my soggy bikini-clad body pressed against his ready to explore another isolated beach -- this one just secluded enough.

Secluded enough? 

At the end of the day we return to our room, aptly named ‘A Bit ‘O Heaven,’ for a steamy shower and fresh duds. With a blanket and a bottle of champagne in hand we take a short walk down the rocky slope to the beach in front of the hotel. We arrive just in time to watch the sun fade into the sea, both ready for part two of our exciting time in Bermuda.

All we need is champagne and a blanket.

I’ve longed to go back and relive those amazing moments on the beach. But I’m afraid that adventure will have to wait awhile. As it would happen a few small problems have arisen since then, namely my beautiful blondie children. Right now they are clamoring for dinner and a chuck under their collective chins so I must dash off.  My current bit ‘o heaven includes the laughter, hugs, and everything else that comes with being their mom. 

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