Friday, September 29, 2017

Stealing Time is Free!

I have some great news! My #1 best selling novel is #free! And I've expanded the outlets you can get it! It's now available on KOBO, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon, plus more.

If you love a book that grips you from the first page to the last check out the first book in my time travel series for free!

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ByThomas Whaleyon April 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

As an avid fan of ANYTHING 17th or 18th century AND once addicted (...maybe still) to Quantum Leap, when I stumbled across Stealing Time, by author KJ Waters, I couldn't resist adding it to my long list of things to do! Being a teacher, father of two and busy author myself, I find it very difficult to read as much as I would like, but once I began reading Stealing Time, it did not seem to be a challenge at all. The realistic mental imagery of 18th century London, perfectly mixed with the enticement of a perfect storm, time travel and spicy characters kept me on the edge of my seat. KJ Waters undoubtedly researched her history! I found her book to be historically refreshing and educational, rather than eye-rolling and inaccurate, which I have encountered in other "time-travelish" books.

Stealing Time is pleasantly packed with believable, well-developed characters worth investing your time with. They all keep you involved, and I applaud the Ms. Waters with the flawless way the characters differ based on the century they were from. This must have been a challenge.

If you are looking for a suspenseful, historical, witch-hunt of a journey - read STEALING TIME...and like me, you'll be impatiently waiting for round two.

ByJennieon June 13, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Are our souls continuous between lives in time and space? Are we irresistibly drawn to those past times and places? Stealing Time explores these questions through an exciting, fast-paced adventure of time travel from current day Florida in the midst of a hurricane to 16th century London.
The past is awful for women and those designated witches in particular. The rule of religion over law is rampant and the detailed description of the experience of those times makes one very happy to be living in the present. The characters are well developed with even the basest of persons appearing to have some degree of morality in intention.  This is good writing. I will happily buy the sequel, Shattering Time, to find out how this saga ends. Will Mathias and Regina, aka Ronnie, find each other again? Is love stronger than death? An absolute five star read!
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ByStephanie on January 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This was a great read. I rate it 4.5 (rounding up to 5, since 1/2 points aren't available to me here). I was immediately sucked into the suspenseful storm of this story. I liked the fact that there were two simultaneous storylines running, one following Ronnie and the other following Steph. Just as I began to become too nervous for Ronnie, I was allowed a "break" by checking in on Steph. Then things would start to get pretty intense with her, and we'd flip back to Ronnie. I also really appreciated the amount of research Ms. Waters put into this project. Her depiction of the 18th century was very believable (reminding us just how lucky we are to live in modern times), as was the reality of riding out a major hurricane. The reason for my "1/2 point rating deduction" is the ending. Obviously with "Book 1" in the title, one can anticipate unfinished business at the end of the book. That being said, I expected to walk away from the book with some sense of completion, much like walking away from the 1st movies in the original Star Wars trilogy - unfinished business, but also some completion. The existing abrupt cliffhanger wouldn't have been so bad if there had been a warning in the book's description (as you sometimes find with other books). Write away, Ms. Waters; I anxiously await book 2!

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