Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blondie on the Radio -- Stealing Time Interview on the Tom the Treeman Show July 17, 2014

On July 17, I was asked to join Tom the Treeman on his Thursday evening show on to talk about Stealing Time, my upcoming novel. This is my third time on his show and once again I had a blast. Tom, thank you so much for having me and I hope to come back soon when I'm closer to being done with it. It was great to meet his co-host Baunfire as well.

Check out the segment here:
Part 1: listen to ‘KJ Waters Radio Interview 7-17-14’ on Audioboo

I had a friend record the show, but he missed the first few minutes so the recording will start after our introductions, Also my audioboo only records 10 minutes so I've had to add a second link for the last five minutes.

Tom runs a great show if you haven't listened in you can find them here

Time: The Treeman Show – Th 7-9P

Details: The TREEMANSHOW is a talk show from 7-9pm every Thursday with of course TOM THE TREEMAN running the show along with his new co-host Baunfire
; if we can find him on Skype, our producer AUGIE. Together we make up one AWESOME show with one AWESOME Brain. 727-235-6330 to call in & join in on Twitter: @TREEMANSHOW1 or Facebook: TOMTHETREEMANSHOW.


I am a mom and a writer working on my first novel Stealing Time, that I'm hoping to have out this Fall. It's a time travel thriller set in 2004 Florida during Hurricane Charley. Please check out my social media links below. 

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