Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Radio Appearance on Live From The Morgue -- October 4, 2013

K J Waters Radio Appearance

Live From The Morgue Internet Radio

On Friday October 4, 2013, I was a guest on Live From The Morgue Internet radio show. Below is the link to that performance.

I had a blast as a guest with writer and creator of comic books Dan Price (Latex Avenger, Master's of the Obvious) from Hound Comics, and the Morgue host Wolf and his motley crew: author Susan Dean, Rotti, Dark Claw, Hell Raiser, The Ghost and party crasher Pete from Disruptive Radio.

Listen here: Epic 8 Man Karaoke. It is also available on iTunes for a free download here: Episode 95 Epic Karaoke.

My interview begins at minute 17 where I talk about my book, Stealing Time. For the rest of the show I'm a guest just adding my two cents in here and there talking about my latest blog, Blondielocks and the Three Bears, Hurricane Karen, Angelina Jolie, with a finale of 8 man karaoke to 'American Pie.' Seriously you don't really wanna hear that last bit. The amount I suck on this is epic. 

I was on the show last September for episode 42, the Ghost Show that is now missing in action. The iTunes version and the link on the Live from the Morgue website fell off the map! How is that for spooky. Wolf had a back up copy and I'll reattach the link on my earlier blog as soon as I get it in case you want to hear my ghost story. 

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Don't miss Susan Dean's release of her first novel Rise of the Spyres I The Beginning, out today, October 9, 2013!

The first book of the series, ‘Rise of the Spyres: The Beginning’, is the story of a courageous woman known as Shilo. On the night that her parents were to explain the unusual events surrounding their family, a tragic accident takes their lives. Soon after, Shilo’s uncle Telius, a good friend to the family, steps up to take over as her and her twin brother Danko’s lone guardian. Shilo discovers Telius is more than a guardian. As time passes, Telius slowly begins to unravel the true meaning to Shilo’s life; she is the leader of a clan of super humans known as ‘Spyres’. Shilo’s destiny is to lead them against their mortal enemies known as the Telkins. Shilo partakes in this epic adventure, as she has to make the decisions between life and death, love and betrayal and the ultimate decision of the war that rages inside all of us, Good vs. Evil.

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When I'm not working on Stealing Time you can find me on my social media at the links below. I hope to have my novel completed by Spring 2014 with book two close behind.

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