Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My First Video Interview!

So excited to share with you my first video interview on my books, my advice on marketing and how to build your social media platform, simple tips for book covers, and paperback vs. ebooks with Andrea Billig and Self-Publishing Mastery.

Also last week was quite an exciting week. I put my short-story Blow for free and unexpectedly it spent all five days at #1 in two categories and #2 in the third. If you missed out it's only 99 cents and I'm working on the sequel right now.
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I've been busy writing guest blogs and I wanted to share the quirky and fun pieces I've put together for some of my writing buddies in the last few weeks to promote my books. 

Seumas Gallacher: Time After Time. -- Why and where I time travel.

Susan Wingate: Clones and Scones -- If I could have a few clones to help me publish books.
Guest Blog on Aaron Alber's Blog -- Author interview with Aaron Albers.

Coming soon: Blog interview with Julie Whitley Pamerleau, podcast interview with Mark Combs, guest blog with Jason C. Bourne, feature on the Author Gang and several other fun things in the works. 

Let me know if you have any blogging opportunities, I'd love to partake!

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