Monday, April 23, 2012

Blondie in the Pool

Blondie in the Pool

You may wonder why my blog is called Blondie in the Water. Obviously, my name plays a part but also it is because of my love of water. For the first time in my life I find myself somewhere far from the ocean and for that matter any really nice big body of water.  As a tonic for my soul I’m reliving some of my fond water memories with this blog and creating new ones in my novel that I hope to have out this winter. My novel, Stealing Time, is about a blondie who gets herself in a lot of hot water in the middle of the worst hurricane season in Florida’s history. See my blog Blondie in the River for a small sample of one of her more harrowing water adventures and Blondie in the Hurricane for the prologue.

Maybe I was a mermaid in my last life . . .

My heaven is being in the water. Pool, hot tub, ocean, lake, river, bay, water park I don’t really care. I love the way it makes me feel. The contrast of the hot sun on my skin and the cool water caressing my body is pure bliss. I love the soundlessness of being underwater while watching the sunlight bounce around like lightening in the night sky. The water supports me, lifts my spirit, washes away my worries, soothes my hurts, and purifies my soul.

I could look at this all day!

During my childhood I spent every possible second in the neighborhood pool during the summer. My girlfriends and I would plan our entire day around when the pool opened and closed. They enjoyed swimming and sunning, but not in the same way that I did. I would flit along the bottom of the pool marveling at the shimmering sunlight in constant movement before me.

They were all fine until I began my swimnastics routine.

I made up new ways to practice my gymnastics routine underwater and not without my friends begging me to stop because the cute lifeguard was in the chair. “Ah ma Gawd KJ, you so totally have to stop. He’s looking at us.” They’d say. I’d think, yea he’s looking at us because he wishes he was swimming instead of sitting in that chair, so let’s give him something to watch. Then I’d do 10 back handsprings in a row, 5 back flips, and finishing with a string of walkovers. My friends would get out of the pool and sit in the sun shaking their heads. Can you tell that I was the rambunctious one of my friends? Don’t even get me started on what I talked them into during high school. My mom might read this so we’ll have to keep that one under wraps for now.
Lifeguards like it hot and wet.
Fast forward ten years and I was the lifeguard in the chair, still marveling at the glistening sunlight electrifying the pool with energy. The tables were turned and I was the one watching the kids wishing I was in the pool. During my breaks I couldn't resist getting in the water and if it wasn't crowded I’d take to the diving well where I would practice my no handed handstands and all my anti gravity tricks. It is here where the blend of gymnastics and swimming became fully developed into my own quirky blend of swimnastics.  

A bit of heaven in my own backyard -- just add kids!
At the time I thought it was the best job in the world and pitied my future self who had to stay inside and work. In some ways I do envy that woman. But now that I have a pool of my own and lifeguard my beautiful blondie children and the many friends who come to enjoy my little piece of heaven, I think she’d envy me.

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