Saturday, November 5, 2022

Blondie and the Brit Share their Favorite Author Tools

I'm excited to share my Podcast with Suzanne Kelman. We've recorded weekly live videos from TikTok. 

Look for us live every Friday at 3:00 EST (12 Pacific, and 2:00 Central) over on TikTok. You can find us at @kjwaters227 (KJ Waters) and @suzannekelman_author Suzanne Kelman, or subscribe on YouTube to be notified of all our latest episodes. 

In this episode we discuss our favorite author tools from Atticus (Dave Chesson's book formatting app), to Recurpost (a social media scheduler) there are tips for all levels of book marketers. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Join Me on Meet the Author Podcast, December 1 at 7:00 pm est


Join Me on Meet the Author Podcast, 

December 1 at 7:00 pm EST

Tonight, I will be interviewed live on the Meet the Author Podcast and will be giving away copies of the Stealing Time Series. 

Streaming LIVE video Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 7 PM ET (US) FEATURING Science Fiction/Time Travel Author KJ WATERS.

Watch here: FACEBOOK: 



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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Sale, Holiday Bundle, and Playlist Giveaway!

KJ Waters Holiday Happenings 2021! 

Killing Time on Sale

Lots of exciting news over here in Blondieland. First off Killing Time is only 99 cents until Friday (November 19). Jump right in and get your copy today!

Killing Time on Sale!

Holiday Bundle Sale

Also, I'm holding a Holiday Bundle sale for my paperbacks! Buy all three and save $10. Send your request to this page. Gift wrapping included for US purchases. 

Take advantage of the Holiday Bundle.

Killing Time Playlist Giveaway -- Win $100!

I'm also hosing a Giveaway for $100 plus a hardback of Killing Time, in my Playlist Giveaway. Check out the songs I've pulled together to get you in a 2004 mood, the year the story takes place. Some songs are mentioned in the book, and others are mood songs for the year.

What Readers are Saying about Killing Time!

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2021
Killing Time is the pièce de résistance of KJ Waters’ captivating trilogy of time travel, taking the reader
on a wild ride through intrigue, suspense, romance, betrayal, and the most savage, destructive forces
of nature during Hurricane Jeanne.

The author masterfully captures powerful, but tortured and conflicted emotions the protagonist Ronnie 
has for Mike, who is far more than her boss and a budding love interest, as there seems to be an 
inexplicable connection between them that transcends space, time, and death itself. Despite his 
questionable, dark past, the raw sexual tension between them is undeniable. Circumstance thrusts 
them together and the author injects adrenaline into your veins as Ronnie and Mike struggle through 
the daunting task of surviving the storm, complicated by the mental and physical damage resulting 
from time travel and their attempt to elude the nefarious entity intent on causing them harm. 

KJ Waters adeptly balances the rich and diverse characters and subplots involving Ronnie’s father’s 
strange death; her arrogant genius ex-boyfriend Jeffrey who is being investigated by federal authorities 
for  possible involvement in an experiment that may affect national security; and the waves of danger 
encountered in Jessie James’ old west, which was clearly thoroughly researched. The mystery begins
to unravel as the amalgam of physics and metaphysics, the natural and supernatural, and time and space
is more clearly revealed while Ronnie’s fiercely loyal friends work to shield her from harm. There is not 
a superfluous passage in this gripping book. 

Killing Time works as a stand-alone that does well in transitioning from KJ Waters’ first two books, 
Stealing Time, and Shattering Time. After reading her first two books she became my favorite 
contemporary author, and Killing Time is even better than her first two gems. KJ Waters
is a phenomenon, and this series belongs on the big screen!


Friday, October 1, 2021

Goodreads Giveaway! 100 Copies of Killing Time!

Killing Time Giveaway! 

I'm very excited to announce I am giving away 100 eBooks of Killing Time over on Goodreads. 

Win one of 100 eBooks of the hot new release, Killing Time. The contest will run for the entire month of October. Enter here! You can read all of the reviews over on Amazon here.

Here is what readers are saying about Killing Time:

"I’ve always loved time travel, but I’ve never read one so real and emotionally intense!" 

Barbara M., Amazon Review

Killing Time is action-packed with time travel, hurricanes, and survival. The characters came alive on the page and had me loving or loathing them. Great read."

Lonnia, Goodreads Review

"If you like time travel, good friends and boyfriends (good and bad), as well as some meteorological hijinks, I think you'll really enjoy this series. It is unique.

K. Hagen, Amazon Review

"This was such a great book! Not only is it written very well, the plot and the characters were so engrossing! I loved Ronnie and Mike, cried over their drama, and was so pleased with the outcome (no spoilers!). I truly hated Jeffrey (I can't wait to see him get what's coming to him!)." 

Heather Smith, Amazon Review

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Killing Time Launch Day!

 It's Launch Week! 

Killing Time on Amazon or where paperbacks are sold

Killing Time is out! This is the third book in the Stealing Time series and my favorite so far. I'm thrilled at how this one came together. I've been in these character's heads for so long (16 years for some) it's pretty easy to write about their misadventures. 

One of the most exciting parts of writing time travel is I can take my story anywhere and any time in the world. I wanted to bring this story to the Wild West in 1872, where America was bruised and battered from the Civil War, and in involved in a quickening struggle to reform as a nation. I found Jesse and Frank James hiding out in Sterling City, Texas just after the war. It seemed a rich time to throw Ronnie, my unsuspecting protagonist, and have her captured by Comanches in the process. Throw in a sprinkle of hurricane's devastation to the mix and voila, the recipe for a gritty, suspenseful story. 

What are reader's saying about Killing Time? 

This book is full of action, intrigue, envy, and unbelievable suspense! Time travel episodes that are so detailed, research that had to be intense. Characters you love, laugh with, cry with, and love to hate! Once I started reading this book, I was in hook, line, and sinker!
This is a brilliant read. Wonderful well-written plot and storyline that had me engaged from the start. Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable. Great suspense and found myself second-guessing every thought I had continuously. Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Killing Time - Cover Reveal!

 I am so excited to share with you the cover for Killing Time! Now available on preorder. 

Killing Time Publishes on September 27, 2021

Time Travel Through the Eye of a Hurricane

The Strongest Hurricane in Decades Takes Aim at Florida. 

Will Ronnie Escape its Wrath or be Lost in Time Forever?

Ronnie Andrews is lucky to be alive after a time travel glitch nearly took her life during Hurricane Frances. When Hurricane Ivan, one of the strongest storms in decades, sets its sights on Florida, Ronnie jumps at the chance to join Mike, her mysterious new boss, on a business trip to Puerto Rico,

Sparks fly, but when a newspaper article surfaces with horrific pictures of a woman who may have died at Mike's hands, Ronnie regrets the decision. Before she can confront Mike about what she knows, Hurricane Jeanne forms off the coast, trapping them on the island. Her doctors warned that another time-travel-induced illness may kill her. Mike may be her only salvation.

The storm strikes and Ronnie time travels to Texas in 1872 where she is kidnapped by Comanches. A rescue party saves her life led by Jesse and Frank James, hiding under assumed names.

Will Ronnie find a way to make the time-traveling episodes stop before the dangers of the past, and the damage from the journey destroy her?

Early readers are already loving the book. Here is what they are saying! 

"The first 10 chapters were so exciting! I've enjoyed this series so much and couldn't believe I was allowed to read this large excerpt. You did a great job with filling out the characters' personalities. [Boo, hiss, Jeffrey!] The storyline is so original yet the way you've written it makes the events sound completely believable. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the book! Thank you so much for a great read." Kathy H. ARC Reader

"Absolutely, I LOVED the first two books. Can't believe a boyfriend would do this to his girlfriend so can't wait to see how that all plays out. Jeffrey should get sent back in time, see how he likes it. Ha!
Can't wait!" Kathryn R. ARC Reader.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Stealing Time is Free! May 29-31, 2021

 Stealing Time is Free for a Limited Time! 

Don't miss out on a five-star rollercoaster ride through time. You can download for free on Amazon for only a few days. Click here to take you to Amazon.

You can download a sample from Amazon here!

A devastating hurricane. A time travel betrayal. Will Ronnie survive the witch hunt or forever be lost in time?

Stealing Time is the first book in the best-selling "Breathtakingly original" time travel series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As Hurricane Charley churns a path of destruction towards Orlando, Florida, Ronnie Andrews scrambles to prepare for the storm and seeks shelter at her boyfriend’s weather lab. What she finds there is more terrifying than Mother Nature's destruction.

During the peak of the hurricane, Ronnie is hurtled back in time to eighteenth-century London where she is caught in a web of superstition, deception, and lies in a life and death struggle to return to her own time.

Her best friend Steph is thrust into the middle of the hurricane, where it quickly turns into a living nightmare as she is faced with losing everything.

Stealing Time is the first book in the “breathtakingly original” Stealing Time Series of time travel wrapped in a hurricane. If you like strong-willed modern women and gripping stories that transport you back in time, then you’ll love KJ Water's Books.

Don’t miss the next book in the series, Shattering Time, available now, set during Hurricane Frances tossing Ronnie back to the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island in a fight for her life and for those facing the mysterious disappearance of our first colony in America.

Killing Time - Book 3 in the Stealing Time series will be published on September 27, 2021.

“The book is filled with nail-biting tension and kept me reading well into the night to find out what happened.” Diane Rapp, Amazon Reviewer.

“Amid witch hunts, leering men, and a frightening fate, Ronnie finds love and hope.” Rosemary McFarland, Amazon Reviewer.

“K J Waters has struck the perfect balance of science fiction, historical fact thriller with a wonderful sense of humor and even a little romance.” Scott McLean, Amazon Reviewer.

“I highly recommend this well-written story to anyone who loves a thriller, historical fiction or romanticizes the past. Believe me when I say we have come much farther than you may think.” 5x Space Cadette, Amazon Reviewer.

"I was immediately sucked into the suspenseful storm of this story. I liked the fact that there were two simultaneous storylines running, one following Ronnie and the other following Steph. Just as I began to become too nervous for Ronnie, I was allowed a "break" by checking in on Steph. Then things would start to get pretty intense with her, and we'd flip back to Ronnie. I also really appreciated the amount of research Ms. Waters put into this project. Her depiction of the 18th century was very believable (reminding us just how lucky we are to live in modern times), as was the reality of riding out a major hurricane."  Melissa Knight, Amazon Reviewer.