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Shattering (Island) Time Stop 6 -- Southlea Bay

Shattering (Island) Time Stop 6 -- Southlea Bay

Okay so maybe you've not heard about Southlea Bay yet but let me tell you it's a fantastic island. They were pretty lucky to miss Hurricane Frances, as they are on the west coast in Washington State. 

Let me introduce you to the owner of this special real estate, one of my best friends, Suzanne Kelman. Suzanne is my podcast partner on Blondie and the Brit and one of my favorite authors.

Suzanne Kelman and the Rejected Writers Take the Stage

SK: Thank you KJ for inviting me and the Rejected Writers over onto your Island tour.

We are also from an Island but not quite as fancy as your islands, or as my character Doris Newberry would say with a sniff, We don’t go in for a lot of that fufu fluffy cocktails and palm trees malarkey, we are more of a get out your hiking boots and make sure your wearing your waterproof underwear – kind-of-an Island!” 

Though I have to admit I would rather be over on your tour KJ. So, I’m glad you invited me. Pass me the sunscreen and I will tell you about the gang over on Southlea Bay.

Here is a picture of our Island.

And here is a picture of the town of Langley that the fictional town of Southlea Bay is based on in my book series.

Langley, Washington

KJ: I've been to visit Suzanne in Langly and it is a gorgeous place full of magic and mirth. Tell us about the book launch this week Suzanne.

SK: The Rejected Writers are all very excited because just here on the right-hand side under that second awning is where we all will be kicking up our heels on June 6th to celebrate the release of the second book, Rejected Writers Take the Stage.

So, why don’t you pour me one of your fancy cocktails and we will get out of the sun on your beach and I will tell you and your readers a little bit about my new book.

KJ: Certainly Suzanne. I have something special for you a Banana Mama. Please, sip away and tell us more. 

SK: The first book was called, The Rejected Writers Book Club and introduced the world to a group of eccentric and quirky characters that had formed their own unique book club. They celebrated in style every rejection letter they received from publishers. That is until a mystery and a mission heads them off on a wild cross-country road trip.

In this second book in the Southlea Bay series they are on another crazy ride but within the town itself. Here is a picture of the new book and a little bit more about the story.

After months of playing the lottery and hoping for an uptick in her dog-boarding business, Janet’s friend Annie must face the inevitable: the bank is foreclosing on her family farm. But thanks to the Rejected Writers’ Book Club, Annie doesn’t have to face it alone.
With just a few weeks to raise the $20,000 that she and her fifty rescue dogs need to avoid becoming homeless, the writers need a fund-raiser, and fast. Much to Janet’s horror, Doris has another crazy plan.
In a moment of inspiration, their fearless leader declares a solution: a musical extravaganza. No one in the group has ever produced a musical, but Doris will not be deterred—they’ll write it together. And with Flora, who has never sung a note in her life, as the lead and Janet as their reluctant director—along with a hypochondriac costume designer, a pyrotechnics enthusiast, and Janet’s very pregnant daughter pitching in—what could possibly go wrong?

KJ: Suzanne's second book in this funny and heartwarming series launches on June 6th. I'd love it if we all showed Suzanne some support and checked out the book. You can purchase your copy here!

SK: Let’s head back out into the sun KJ and I will show you a couple of my early reviews.

Rejected Writer's Take the Stage Reviews! 

 "This story made me laugh from the very beginning. I laughed and I cried throughout the whole book." 

"If you enjoyed Suzanne Kelman' witty writing, you will have high expectations. And the author sure delivers. Yet again."

"Another hit for author Suzanne Kelman! Her quirky characters continue to entertain and make me laugh aloud." 

Well, thank you for letting me crash your Island Tour KJ. It’s been fun, but I better get back and rally all the ladies of The Rejected Writers’ Book Club who are busy looking for glitzy outfits for the big launch party.

Enjoy the rest of your tour! 

KJ: As always it has been a blast Suzanne! Best of luck with your book launch and I can't wait to get my copy on Tuesday! 

Please join me next week as we head to Turks and Caicos Island for some more summer island touring and fun. 

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Also Suzanne and I are hosting a fabulous facebook party on June 16, please join the fun here! 

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