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Blondie’s Reflections in Mirror Lake – Yosemite National Park

Blondie’s Reflections in Mirror Lake – Yosemite National Park June 2016

This past summer I took a break from the book writing and marketing journey and took my family on on another adventure of a lifetime exploring five national parks. Here is quick story about the first day we went to Yosemite National Park. If you'd like to keep up to date with my book journey follow my free newsletter full of updates and freebies here.

Late June, 2016

The mountain air was dry and crisp as we packed the car with our picnic. My husband, three kids, mother-in-law, sister- in-law, and I had been eager to explore another of our magnificent national parks. A few years ago we explored the wonders of Yellowstone together and had been truly a magical experience. See my two blogs here and here on that amazing trip. Okay, that is partly a lie. Six of us were giddy with excitement. My son was being dragged along for the experience. What he really wanted to do was stay in the cool, bug-free basement of the cabin we’d rented just outside of Yosemite and alternate studying science and playing games with his friends online.

We had jackets just in case the weather app lied again. A few days prior it promised cool temps at Sequoia National Park, but was a big fat lie. It was 90 degrees and we managed to hike with jeans carrying our jackets and sweating profusely. This time we wore shorts and tank tops expecting the heat despite the promised high of 62. In Yosemite Valley, a cartoon of a blazing sun and 97 degrees posted on the information center board told us what we had in store. We jumped on the shuttle to Mirror Lake Trail that was only two miles, just about the right length for Shorty to not completely suffer, with the added bonus of a cool lake at the midpoint to cool off.

The bus had standing room only but that wasn’t so bad until the second stop where a sardine can-esque scenario ensued. Poor little Shorty was smashed in the front with me. To our chagrin, an enormous man got on the bus squeezing in the last possible space right between us. It wasn’t too bad until he lifted his arm to hold onto the railing on the ceiling giving me a front and center view of something that still haunts me -- a glaring red rash and loads of armpit hair. I peeked around the fuzz and made a face at eight-year-old Shorty. She looked terrified. I couldn’t help but be grateful for the fact that it was the beginning of the day and the potential for fresher air was still at hand. The Scottish word ‘oxter’ rolled around in my mind endlessly until he got off the bus with gobs of other park-goers to allow us to sit in a diseased-armpit free zone.

At stop number seventeen we exited the bus and we joked about it being as crowded as Disney, not exactly what we had expected. One of us had the bright idea to wait a few minutes to let the hordes of people from the bus meander ahead as we enjoyed the gorgeousness of the giant white pines, and redwood lined path calling out to us. When most of the crowd was out of view, we started along the path following Tenaya Creek.  

About a mile uphill we came to a clearing with magnificent views of Half Dome and dozens of people swimming in a calmer area at the head of the creek. The water widened to a narrow lake with stunning mountain views all around. You know me, I was itching to get in that water. We shucked shoes and crossed a small stream to get to what used to be the middle of the lake, feet squishing in the ice-cold mud.

Years ago, they dredged the area to create a lake that would mirror the mountains, hence it’s name. As the years passed they made the choice to stop dredging and let nature take its course. Now it sports two small halves of a stream with an island in the middle. 

We waded across the water braving the bone-chilling temps with little Shorty thigh-deep complaining of how much it hurt her little bones. My ankles were screaming to get out of there but my mind told it to hush since the water was so refreshing. The two men folk wanted a longer walk so they walked around the lake, or so they said. Truth be told the boy didn’t want to wade through the water. We reunited with them about a half an hour later as they sloshed through lake. I recognized the steam coming out of my son’s ears and his hunched body language letting me know to tread carefully. He emerged from the water shoes still on his feet and a seething hatred for all things natural, despite his love of science. Turns out the path around the lake was blocked and they had no choice but to wade through the longest part of the lake.  

We made our way back down the path along a tree-lined road with the boy doing his best to swat every flying insect within a ten-foot radius of his delicate “I prefer the indoors” and “haven’t I been put through enough today” self. The rest of us were in heaven with the huge trees creating dappled shade (might I add desperately needed shade) and fresh air. Living in Dirtville, any trees are a welcome sight, but these were magnificent giants bigger than any trees I’d ever seen. My sister and mother in law, two very well-traveled ladies, were greatly enamored with the stunning views of sheer granite cliffs above us and occasional burned out forest as we walked.

We stopped for lunch back in the village after another crowded shuttle ride, but absent offensive body parts in my face (thank God) and spent some time in the air-conditioned Ansel Adams museum and other stores. The hardier folks in our group (and more nature loving) went on another hike as my beautiful darlings ate ice cream in the cool bug-free zone.

I sipped on coffee and discussed twitter pages of the politicians running for President with my son, who critiqued their worthiness on twitter. His analysis: Some were more genuine than others, and one definitely had a staff member do all the social media posts. At least I could talk to him without the incessant question of ‘couldn’t we walk faster’ or ‘when are we going home’ inserted every other sentence. The poor boy was just not cut out for the rest of his nature-loving family. He should have raised by a pack of nerds.  

After buying Shorty a cute stuffed black bear at the grocery store we made our way out of the park snapping pictures of Half Dome, El Capitan, and the enormous cliffs. About a half hour out of the park it was 105 and ridiculously hot. Our rental home was down a long dirt road deep in the woods where the devastating effects of the 5-year drought and an infestation of a beetle that targeted smaller pine trees left as many brown trees as green ones. The boy immediately retired to the cool solitude of the basement to recover from his torturous day out in one of the most spectacular National Parks our country has to offer. The rest of us retired to make dinner with cold white wine in the delicious air conditioned upstairs to make dinner and talk of our adventures of the day.

I counted my blessings to be surrounded by family in such a spectacular place in the world. How was I so lucky to be able to afford this vacation and the love of such amazing people? I hoped my kids would realize what a unique adventure they had just experienced and maybe even bring their kids here someday. I felt sorry for the people who were raised by a pack of nerds and never venture out to experience such stunning nature and, despite the crowds, a national treasure.

Please see my post about the Petrified Forest National Park here, Blondie in the Crystal Forest for more of our amazing California vacation soon. If you like my writing feel free to check out my books here

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Blondie in the Crystal Forest

Blondie in the Crystal Forest - A dry and hot adventure in the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

In June, we spent three weeks exploring California and hitting several national and state parks. This is the first blog in that journey. I’ve not written new material since last summer about my travels and I’ve missed it. I hope to get into more regular travel blog pattern and even offer an eBook of my travel adventures. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’d like to stay in touch with what I have going on please sign up for my newsletter. As a bonus, I’m offering the first six chapters of my second book if you sign up. Click here to join the fun.

June 2016

I shut the trunk that was packed to the gills with our gear for the three-week vacation and sat on the bumper looking up at the sky. It was a cool Dirtville evening and stars were sparkling as far as the eye could see. I loved this little space just before a journey begins. The half year of planning and anticipating is over. The packing is done and all that stands between me and the adventure is a mere restless sleep. In the morning, we would leave on a trip that we’d be talking about for decades. I savored the moment of peace and joy. This would be a busy few weeks free of quiet moments like this. We’d be meeting my mother and sister-in law in Yosemite for several days and then to a beach mansion for a week. Quiet moments were about to be filled with laughter, nature, and family fun.

The next morning I woke early and readied myself before I woke my three kids, all sleepy and slightly less eager to face the morning as I had been. A month into summer break and they were used to sleeping until they woke naturally. We ate and jumped in the car, settling into our journey.
I watched the sun creep across the sky heating up the flat landscape and marking the passage of time and distance away from our flat, dry homeland. A half a day later the carefully chosen path brought us along the Petrified Forest National Park. In contrast, Dirtville, my fond name for our hometown, appeared teeming with lush greenery and huge trees, which I assure you is only a matter of perspective. Our previous summer’s eastward journey’s left us feeling wholly differently about our arid hometown.

“Hey kids, look up from your devices. We’re here!” I announced.
My son feigns deafness but my daughter is quick to respond. “Where’s here?”
“The Painted Dessert.” I respond heartily. Truth be told it was unimpressive. Mountains of gravel and lame brown dirt piles all the way to the horizon was not enough to pull the boy from his laptop.  
“Painted with what, a brown crayon?” My fourteen-year-old daughter exclaimed. We all laughed but the brochure we had showed glorious images of an entire palate of colorful dirt so I began reading aloud some of the promised sights as we made our way to one of the more interesting stops along the drive.

We stopped at a gorgeous vista of the painted dessert in it’s full glory. Every possible shade from brown to red was displayed in the ancient rocks and sand. It made me want to start painting again. The blazing sun scared us back into the car for another piece of road full of the brown landscape we’d already seen.

Finally, we stopped at likely the best choice in a day where we really needed to eat the miles up towards our ultimate destination. The Crystal Forest. in the Petrified Forest, sounded to my writerly mind like a magical place full of wonder and adventure. We meandered through the dirt, found the sign, and parked the car.

“We’re here!” I exclaimed excitedly again. I knew this was going to be a hard sell to the boy who preferred controlled environments and man-made luxuries like chairs, and dirt free footing, and most especially a cool bug free 72 degrees. The car thermometer blinked in disbelief an alarming 105.
Shorty responded. “Mom, if this is a forest how come all I see is flat dirt.”

“It’s a petrified forest.” I responded grabbing an ice-cold water out of the cooler, and debated shoving it down my pants for good measure.  I chose normalcy mainly for my teenagers who were mortified by my mere existence.

 “Son, tell them how the trees got this way.” My reverse psychology worked this time. Not only did he unfold out of the backseat and not clutch the cup holder and seat belt in revolt of leaving the comfortable car, he sorted through the miles of neurons relating to the science of petrification and educated us all what happened here millions of years ago. He explained gently to Shorty, my 8-year-old daughter and his favorite student, that the forest was covered by the sea and replaced with minerals leaving behind completely intact trees now made of rock. Milena passed and the ocean receded leaving the petrified trees. As the land moved out from under sections the weight of the trees, now made of stone and inflexible, cracked and broke away leaving large round chunks of petrified wood laying in the dirt.

We walked the ¾ mile petrified forest with hundreds of logs broken in strange crystal hunks shining in the blaring sun. Gorgeous colors and different layers made for beautiful landmarks of days gone past. The stark bleak surroundings of high dessert added to the contrast of the huge trees captured in time now lying flat on the desert floor.

Little shorty almost didn’t make it, or it would seem based on her melting in the hot sun. My son survived fueled by the spark of real live science to explore and he came to life explaining to all of us more about what made each color and other things I marveled that he had absorbed from the Internet.
We jumped back in the car and continued westward towards our destination of sunny California, passing through the Mojave Desert on I-40 putting our fond nickname for Dirtville to shame once again.  It wasn’t as hot as we’d expected only reaching 109.

Once we entered California the bounty of the state was immediately apparent with the Garlic trucks filling the road with open beds full of cloves, unbound in any container. Wind farms as afar as the eye could see set up in the mountains made for a warm windy welcome. We stopped for the night in Bakersfield and the next morning we were back in the car enjoying acre after acre of orange groves and even passing the plant that packaged Halo oranges.

The drought was wicked hard on the land with more than just dead grass but barren patches where there once was life. We passed lush fields of corn, apple orchards, and endless orange groves in every stage of life from tiny saplings to mature trees, and even entire groves left to die in the hot sun.
Despite the horrible drought, the farmers seem to kick out massive crops of lush green produce. I can only imagine how much that water costs during these hard times. We passed thousands of cattle all with heads stuck through feed troughs surrounded by nothing but dirt, readying for the slaughter. Poor saps had a rather boring last few months with nary a blade of grass to crunch between their teeth.

I’d been to California years ago, but had started in San Francisco and worked down the coast. This view of California gave me a great new appreciation for the delightful bounty contained within. I knew of all that Cali produced but to see it live and in person was a life changing scene.

Stay tuned for part two of our California Adventure, coming soon.

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Happy Holidays Year in Review

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and what ever else I forgot.

This is just a happy little post to share a few things that have made me laugh in my life and to share a few of my milestones this year.

I've learned a lot this year and one thing that has been very valuable is to look back on all I've accomplished and enjoy the journey. I often feel like I'm going nowhere with the rush of my goals and lack of time to finish everything I want to do. This simple act makes me feel like I've moved forward and can feel content with what I'm doing and work towards my future new goals.

Random Funny Things from my Children

One thing I have done right is instill humor in my kids. Here are a few examples.

1. My son used to call adults owners. In a way he is right. 

2. On the way home from the hospital after a minor injury my son sang this little ditty, "On the first day of spring break my doctor gave to me, nine stitches in my right knee."

3. I like to call my youngest Shorty on social media. It has stuck now and everyone calls her that. Her friends are very puzzled since she is one of the tallest kids in her class. Every time I see them they ask me to explain. This has inspired a new kids book series that I'm toying with. I'll tell more later when I develop it more.

4. One day a few years ago when I still had my old car, Shorty and I sat down and buckled up. The interior lights were blinking. I had an issue occasionally with the electrical grid (it's a Ford, what can I say). Shorty asked, "Why are the lights blinking?" I responded that I didn't know. Instantly she responded, "I know, it's aye-blinkin...get it? Abe Lincoln?" I died.

Year in Review

Looking at this past year I am excited to see my work has paid off. I feel like I've run endlessly and I have to admit I've burned out a bit. But looking back I can see that my work has brought results and this gives me hope for the coming year. I've grown my social media following nearly doubling all of my numbers. I've used a strategy designed by my podcast partner Suzanne Kelman that has increased my interactions on Twitter dramatically, and sold more books that I ever thought I could.

This blog has almost 130,000 hits and over 10,000 last month. It's crazy since I was super stoked when I had 5,000 last month. Whatever it is I'm hoping to keep it up.

Short Story
Also this year I released my first short story, BLOW, and it reached #8 in Teen and Young Adult Short Story on Amazon in a matter of days. I hope to follow it up this summer with a continuation of that same story. Plus I have ideas for at least 3 new short stories.

Find it here on Amazon

Shattering Time Book 2
I'm working hard on my second book, Shattering Time, that I hope to have out this spring. I've made the first few chapters available on my website here if you care to see how it starts. It's been a blast working on it. I'm nearly done with the cover design so I'll share that with you as well.
Stealing Time
My novel, Stealing Time, has reached the coveted #1 spot this summer in Time Travel and I've spoken to an agent about representation. It didn't work out but it did give me some ideas for future potential with an agent. I was also contacted by a movie rights outfit so who knows where that will lead. Here is a sample if you're interested.

This past year I worked diligently with Suzanne on our Blondie and the Brit podcast providing a new podcast every week for a year. It has been so much fun getting to know the other authors and I've made some friends for life. Plus I loved learning some great tips from them about writing and how to market my book. It has been a truly inspiring year. We had a fun celebration for our one year birthday in October.

Visit our podcast here

Author Consulting
I've also started running a local author group, somewhat by accident, but I'm really enjoying it. I've started a bit of author consulting to help them self publish as well and have met some exceptional people in the process. If you're interested please send me a note on here or my social media (click on Facebook on the sidebar) or leave me a message on my website here.

Writing Life
This year I'm trying to make more space for writing. I keep getting these amazing ideas and putting them into the world but they all take my time away from writing. This year I will finish book two, put out a short story and begin a short story compilation from my blogs. I'd like to blog more as well so we'll see what happens. I need to shut my brain up a bit and stay focused on my writing. This will mean a bit less time on the podcast and other distractions to get my writing time in.

I have so many surprises for you in this book and I'm really eager to get to book 3 in the Stealing Time Series. This one is 75% written and I promise to blow your minds with the major twist in the story. I cannot wait to finish that one because Book 4 is insanely twisty as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get some time to relax over the holidays. I'm spending time with my in-laws and my wonderful kids and getting some free time to write that dang book. 

If you're interested in my work here are some links for you. My two books are available nearly everywhere you may want to find it.

Amazon:  Stealing Time  Blow
Barnes and Noble: Stealing Time  Blow

More options on my website.

If you'd like a signed copy of my book please let me know. Send me a request here.

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Luke Romyn -- Episode 66 -- Self Professed Pantser

Luke Romyn -- Episode 66 -- Self Professed Pantser

Luke Romyn -- Episode 66 -- Self Professed Pantser  Join Blondie and the Brit for part 2 of our entertaining interview with Luke Romyn, Amazon and USA Today best-selling Indie Author from Down Under. Luke continues to share with us his brave, and some might even claim reckless creative process. Luke confesses that his last few story lines terrified him. Trinity, recently released, is one Luke admits raised serious doubts about writing his way out. It is a psychological thriller that starts with his main character in an asylum with only memories of three murders. Self-taught photoshop maestro, Luke takes the same bold seat-of-your-pants "oh I'll figure it out" stance on his cover designs, that are as creative and powerful as the stories themselves. Like this one? Then give part 1 (Episode 47) a listen as well.

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Blondie and the Brit Holiday Science Fiction Book Blast

Join me for an evening of fabulous holiday fun with a science fiction twist for the 

Blondie and the Brit Holiday Science Fiction Book Blast 

Friday December 9, 9:00 - 11:00 Eastern 

I've invited David Estes, Sean Fletcher, and SJ Hermann for a lil shindig hosted by Suzanne Kelman of Blondie and the Brit for a fun-filled Facebook party with a lot of games, prizes and bookish-goodness.

Don't miss out. You will need to join the above link on Facebook to get reminders and all of the content of the party.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Cyber Monday Deals!

Cyber Monday Deals

Get your holiday shopping off to a good start with these Cyber Monday Deals for you!

1. 50% off Stealing Time Paperback 

Enjoy my time travel thriller for only $7.50

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1. 50% Off Signed Copy

For half price get your hands on my science fiction thriller set in a hurricane inspired by Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and C.S. Lewis. 

Buy a copy for dear old mom, your best friend, or spoil yourself. Just let me know what you want me to write as a special message.

Request signed copy here. $7.50 for paperback plus shipping costs.  

*In the US $11.00 payable via PayPal. Outside of the US shipping costs varies.

3. BOGO Buy One (Stealing Time ebook) and Get One Free (Blow Ebook)  

Free ecopy of Blow with purchase of Stealing Time. Coupon for a free copy of Blow will be sent to your email. 

Click here to Purchase!

Stealing Time is a breathtakingly original time travel thriller set in 1752 London and 2004 Florida.

Stealing Time is a "Breathtakingly original" time travel adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As Hurricane Charley churns a path of destruction towards Orlando, Florida, Ronnie Andrews and her best friend, Stephanie McKay, scramble to prepare for the storm. Ronnie seeks shelter at her boyfriend’s weather lab while Steph heads back to her house. 

During the peak of the storm Ronnie is hurtled back in time to eighteenth-century London where she is caught in a web of superstition, deception, and lies in a life and death struggle to return to her own time. 

Steph is thrust into the middle of the hurricane, but it quickly turns into a living nightmare as she is faced with losing everything. Stealing Time: Book 1 in the Stealing Time Trilogy. 

"A very clever concept, nicely executed by a wonderful storyteller. Stealing Time will have you on the edge of your seat!" Suzanne Kelman, Multi-award winning writer and author of The Rejected Writers Book Club..

Check out what readers are saying about Stealing Time here.

BLOW - A Short Story

Caught between a hurricane and a deadly secret, Rick Harris struggles against a ticking clock when the wrong people show up at his door looking for shelter. As the storm closes in wreaking havoc on Pensacola, Florida, he has to make a choice between saving their lives and exposing a secret that could cost him everything.

Readers love BLOW. See what they're saying here.

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Winners of Blondie and the Brit Awards

Welcome to the first annual Blondie and the Brit Awards and Birthday Bash celebration! If you’ve grabbed your party hat please don it and join in.
Thank you for all of your votes, shares and support! This has been a fantastic five weeks of voting. We appreciate all of your support. 

First things first. All of our winners will receive:

1.   A Blondie and the Brit award (pictured above),
2.   The opportunity for a second interview on the show sometime in the next year,
3.   A widget for your website with your award announcement,
4.   A Best of Blondie and the Brit podcast with a quick interview update for those who make themselves available,
5.   Listing on our website under Awards Winners, and
6.   Eternal bragging rights.

SJ Hermann Podcast Hero Award

 SJ Hermann
Our first award is one of our Blondie and Brit Hero Awards. Congratulations to SJ Hermann for being our first recipient of The Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. SJ’s is an emphatic supporter of Blondie and the Brit, both in reposting about our books and our supporting our podcast in general, he is also an encouraging advocate for all Indie Authors. One of our earlier interviews, his podcast has far surpassed any other in the number of downloads. S.J. is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror and urban fantasy novels. You can find out more about him here on his website.

Category 1 – Best Social Media Tip 

Our nominees for the Best Social Media tip are:

And our winner is:

Rachel Thompson
We loved this tip from Rachel Thompson about her #MondayBlogs creation. Rachel had so many great author tips it was hard to pick just one to feature. Congrats Rachel for the win! Please check out her website at

Here is Rachel’s winning clip:

 Category 2 – Most Creative Book Promotion

 The nominees for the Most Creative Book Promotion Award are:

Nicole Waggoner

Our winner in the category Most Creative Book Promotion is the amazing Nicole Waggoner. No surprises here! Her tip on how to pull a potential reader into a second book in a series was a great promotional tool. Both Blondie and the Brit are planning on using this one in their own upcoming books.  Check out her website
Here is the winning clip (Nicole)

Category 3 – Best Fangirl/Boy Story

Our nominees in this category are:

Kim Harris

Congratulations to Kim Hunt Harris for winning Best Fangirl story. Kim’s interview was hilarious and we really loved hearing her story about meeting Diana Gabaldon. Diana is KJ’s favorite author so I agree with our audience on this one for sure. Thank you Kim for giving us a great interview with such a great clip. You can find out more about Kim on her website

Here is the winning clip (Kim)

Category 4 – Funniest Podcast

 Our nominees for this category are:
J.D. Lexx

There were many podcasts we could have included in this award as we have had so much fun with so many authors, however we had to narrow it down and the winner in the category with the most votes from our podcast audience is J.D. Lexx with his incredible wit who kept us laughing through the whole interview. Learn more about J.D. on his website

Here is the winning clip from J.D

Susan Wingate Podcast Hero Award

Susan Wingate

We are honored to introduce to you to another amazing author who is recipient of our second Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. Susan Wingate is not only a fabulous writer but she is also a great support and resources for other writers. Over the last year we have felt Susan's support in so many different ways from helping us through our book launches and Facebook parties to interviewing us on her own podcast. Both a traditionally and Indie author she extents herself in so many way to support the writing community, through her classes, her online influence and her whole-hearted devotion to her craft. We can't think of a better choice for our special hero award. Thank you Susan for all you do. You can find more about Susan by visiting her website here:

Category 5 – Best New Author Story 

Our next category was Best New Author Story where authors shared how they were discovered. Our nominees are:

Darynda Jones -- Agent Beauty Contest
Susan Spann -- Ten Years of Tenacity
Patricia Sands -- Every Day is a Gift
David Estes -- Accountant to Full-Time Writer on the Beach

And the Winner is: Darynda Jones

Congrats! Darynda was our very first aired interview on October 1, 2015. Her story of being discovered by St. Martin’s Press after winning the Golden Heart Romance Award was a very inspiring. Thank you Darynda for giving us your time and talents for our debut podcast. You can find out more about Darynda at is the winning clip from Darynda

Category 6 – Most Helpful Writing Process

Nominees for the Most Helpful Writing Process award are:

Melody Robinette

We are excited to announce the Most Helpful Writing Process winner is Melody Robinette

Our listeners deemed this as the Most Helpful Writing Process. We were so glad to meet this great author and KJ has already tried and used this writing tip successfully. Melody Robinette was our winner with her great Pomodoro technique. Find out more about Melody on her website:
Here is the winning clip from Melody

Category 7 – Most Inspired Storytelling

The nominees for our Most Inspired Storytelling category are:


Vaun Murphrey is the winner of the Most Inspired Storytelling with her description of what inspires her science fiction writing. I loved this clip where she shares the scientific articles that were the spark for two of her novels. Congratulations Vaun! We loved your interview and were glad you were able to stay up past 8:00 pm to talk to us. Check her out on her website

Here is the winning clip from Vaun

Martin Lastrapes Hero Award

Martin Lastrapes

We are so excited to introduce to you to our third amazing author who is the recipient of our Blondie and The Brit Hero Award. Martin Lastrapes was a great support to us and our podcast when we first launched and featured us on his Podcast for an in depth interview. Martin is an award-winning novelist, a Buffy enthusiast, and a podcaster. His debut novel, Inside the Outside, has been praised by readers and critics alike and in the spring of 2012 it won the Grand Prize in the Paris Book Festival.  You can find out more about Martin here on his website:

Category 8 – Best Professional Publishing Tip 

Nominees for the Best Professional Publishing Tip are:

Jeri Walker 

Our winner for the Best Professional Tip is Jeri Walker! Congrats! Jeri joined us on the program to talk editing and we ended up learning a lot about blogging and other author marketing resources. Thank you for sharing your expertise Jeri! For more great book marketing and writing advice check out her blog

Here is Jeri’s winning clip:

Best Overall Podcast -- Blondie’s Choice 

The last category for us is our overall personal favorite podcasts. We both chose the one we had enjoyed the most over the whole year. 

I’m so excited to announce Blondie’s Choice award for my favorite podcast of the year. Rachel Thompson!

I chose Rachel’s podcast for this award because of the endless great advice contained within. We gave you her clip on #MondayBlogs but it truly was hard to choose the best one in the interview that we spread out into two podcasts because it was so full of great author and book marketing tips and advice. Rachel gives back so much to our author community with her #bookmarketing chats Wednesday nights, her great articles on her blog and endless great content and tips.

Thank you Rachel! Stay tuned because next week we will have an update from Rachel on the podcast about all of the new and exciting things she is working on now.

Best Overall Podcast -- Brit’s Choice – Terry Persun

For the Brit, there was no contest for this award. This author was not only gracious, funny, and informative. He was also one of the most versatile and knowledgeable authors I have ever met. We ended up interviewing him twice for an hour each time and he had new and interesting things to say. I also had my writers “ahh” moment during one of those interviews. 

Terry Persun 

I am excited to announce that the Brits favorite over all podcast interview went to the amazing Terry Persun. Thank you Terry for all you do for authors and for the amazing creative spirit you are.  You can find out more about Terry at

Here is Terry’s winning clip:

Congratulations to all of our Winning Authors 

Thank you for all of your support of the podcast and Suzanne and KJ.
Don't miss an episode, subscribe on:

or iTunes 

Free Chapters of KJ Waters' Upcoming Release! 

As a party favor KJ is offering the first two chapters of her next novel, Shattering Time. Please click on the link here.

You can have the first six chapters of Shattering time (the sequel to Stealing Time) by subscribing to her newsletter here.