Tuesday, April 21, 2020

April Showers of Free Books!

April Showers of Free Books!

My time travel series is on sale the next few days in the USA!

Don't miss the adventure through the eye of a hurricane. Get your copies now while they're on sale. Right now Stealing Time is  #1 in Time Travel Science Fiction for Free Books! 

Killing Time -- Book 3  in the Stealing Time Series! 

I'm working on my third book in the series now that should be out in September 2020, called Killing Time. 

I'm creating something cool on my website as a teaser for the book. Here is a sneak peek! The website version will have some added features that provide a few pages from the journal pictured below and maybe a few more surprises. Stay tuned! 

My Books are all available for free on Kindle Unlimited. #KU

If you need a break, my books will sweep you away in a hurricane. No germs. Not a single one.

Oh wait, I do have the bubonic plague in Shattering Time, but in a good way (Is there really a good way to get the plague?)
If you need an escape to take you out of this current realm check out my books. You can get all three for less than $8.00!

Stealing Time - Book 1 only $2.99
Join Ronnie as she faces Hurricane Charlie after moving to Florida only three days earlier. She hunkers down in her boyfriend's lab to weather the storm and finds something more terrifying than the winds and rain. 
Ronnie is swept back in time to eighteenth-century London, with chamber pots, evil brothers, and a savior in her Austrian 'cousin.' Will she find a way to return to Florida before it is too late? 
Shattering Time - Book 2 only $3.99
The adventure continues when Hurricane Francis, the size of Texas, is barreling towards Ronnie and her friends. She tries to leave town but fate interferes. 
What happens next is a whirlwind of escalating tension taking Ronnie to the Fire of London in 1666, shark-infested waters, and a journey to one of America's first mysteries -- The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. Can she survive the ultimate sacrifice and return home in one piece? 

Blow- A Short Story only .99
Caught between a hurricane and a deadly secret, Rick Harris struggles against a ticking clock when the wrong people show up at his door looking for shelter. As the storm closes in wreaking havoc on Pensacola, Florida, he has to make a choice between saving their lives and exposing a secret that could cost him everything. 

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