Saturday, March 10, 2018

Are You Making these Book Link Mistakes? #BookMarketing

Are You Making these Book Link Mistakes?

Genius Link Co-Founder Jesse Lakes Solving World Peace (or Maybe it was International Link Issues)

Blondie and the Brit Podcast - Writing Publishing and Beyond
Have you ever wondered what happens to your book links after you post them? Did you know that most links don't allow your international audience to find your book?  

I've been using this amazing tool called Genius Link for the past six months and was so happy with how it has helped create intelligent links that solve this problem, I reached out to the co-founder, Jesse Lakes, for an interview on Blondie and the Brit, the podcast I co-host with Suzanne Kelman. Click below to listen to the full interview. 

Jesse Lakes is part nature lover part self-proclaimed nerd who just can't help solving problems he finds on the Internet. 

Jesse's avatar on LinkedIn -- Follow him here.

He first tackled an issue that plagued his early website traffic (and connected affiliate income) that was keeping international visitors from finding their way to his links on iTunes. His solution was so genius that Apple first threatened a lawsuit until they decided to hire him. 

Since then Jesse partnered with Microsoft engineer and best friend, Jesse Pasichnyk, to create Genius Link to master this issue while providing an incredible tool for pushing traffic to the proper site no matter where your visitors are coming from. 

Don't miss Jesse's generous offer for a free 30-day trial of GeniusLink, see below for details.

Here is the blurb from the Podcast:

This month on Blondie and the Brit we are pleased to introduce you to Jesse Lakes, one of the masterminds behind the company Genius Link ( Genius Link is an incredible online tool that provides intelligent links to help you to improve your sales by routing international readers to their local stores while helping you earn affiliate money and valuable insights in the process. They also own the link management service that is a simpler version of this concept but focused on authors, indie publishers, and Amazon.

This in-depth interview covers many of the elements of this fascinating tool that would be ideal for any authors toolkit. 

Jesse is also giving a wonderful gift to our listeners, offering a 30-day free trial (double the standard) to anyone who mentions "Blondie and the Brit." Just click here to begin your trial ( then use the messaging bubble inside the dashboard to mention the extended free trial.

Suzanne and I also give you our latest tips on planning and rewarding your accomplishments with a Victory Journal.

Follow the GeniusLink blog for great tips and tools here.
You can find Jesse here on twitter and GeniusLink here.

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