Monday, September 24, 2012

Appearance on

I appeared on this show Saturday, September 29. I will provide a link to the download from iTunes when it's available. 

Join Me Tonight for the Ghost Show on 
Live From The Morgue 
Internet Radio 

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know I'll be making my first public appearance on Live From the Morgue this Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 9pm  - 12 am east coast time. Click on the voice message below to get the full scoop.

 Voice Message: Listen to ‘Appearance on’ on Audioboo

I've got a true ghost story that I will be sharing live on the show -- it will scare the pants off you! I've only told a few souls about it -- so be among the chosen few (insert evil laugh).

The show is looking for YOUR ghost stories so please call in today to leave a message of your ghost story and they will use it on the air. Please mention KJ so they know I sent you!

We'd love for you to call in on Saturday night as well to join the fun LIVE and share your ghost story. The site hosts an online chat during the show so I hope to see you there!

Call the show live with your ghost story on Saturday night or 

leave a message and they will use your story on the air. 

You can also leave a message here on and they will air it on the show. BOO ME!


  1. Good luck, KJ. Wow, didn't know you were into the paranormal. Man do I have stories, but Saturday's are a busy time for me. If I'm home, I'll log on.

    I hope you'll send the link for replays. Can't wait to hear what's happened to you.


  2. Thanks Val! If you want to share a story call the number above and leave a message. Would LOVE to hear your stories as well! They'll air it on the show on Saturday. Each hour of the show will be available for download on iTunes. Appreciate ya!

  3. You mean I can leave a long message? Or write the story in if I can't listen Sat?

  4. If you've got a good story I can ask the host if you can just call him. He's got the equipment and can record your story. Maybe better with you interacting with him. Plug your book while you're at it.