Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blondie's Wrath

Wrath By Kirkus MacGowan 
Giveaway Contest Win $25 Amazon Gift Card and a Copy of Wrath

I normally don't promote anything on my blog but water and the novel I'm working on so this is unusual to say the least. However, Kirkus MacGowan, a good friend from twitter, is celebrating the launch of his book, Wrath, on August 28. Kirkus is one of the biggest supporters of my writing career so I hope you give him a warm welcome and take advantage of his contest.

Kirkus is giving away twenty FREE eBook copies of Wrath (A John Reeves Novel) in a format of your choice, and a $25 gift card to a random blog commenter. If we have a huge outpouring of support, he will increase the number of free copies accordingly.

The best part? It’s so easy! Just leave a comment on this blog post to enter the contest. Multiple comments will not gain you extra entries. However, you may gain extra entries by commenting on other blogs participating in the Wrath giveaway. Not sure what to say? Tell me what you think the significance of the blue rose on the cover of Wrath is or tell me what book you are reading right now. 

The contest ends at midnight, August 26, EST. Kirkus time will post the winners on his blog on the 27 along with the blog they commented on. On that post, he’ll tell the winners how to contact him for their winnings.

Not sure if you want a copy of Wrath?
Cover Design by, Copyright 2012
Tom Stronach, an avid reader and book reviewer, agreed to check out an advanced reading copy of Wrath. Head on over to his blog Is It Me? to check out the review. Click here.
If you prefer to read a sample of Wrath, click here to read the first chapter on Kirkus’ blog, Diapers, Bookmarks and Pipe Dreams.
What readers are saying about Wrath
I am lucky enough to have an advance copy and I can't get it out of my head! Wrath grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go! A few other readers checked out Wrath and here’s what they’re saying:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! The only problem I have with your books 
is that I can’t put them down!”
Wrath will stick with you for days after you finish reading.”
In my opinion it was even better than the first one!!”
Like Criminal Minds on paper!”
Giveaway Summary
1. Leave a comment on this post! That’s all it takes to enter. If you’re not sure what to write tell us what you think the significance of the blue rose is on the cover of Wrath. Or tell us what book you’re reading right now or maybe your favorite book this year. 
2. Head over to Kirkus’ blog on August 27 and see if your name is on the list of winners. Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams:
If you’re not one of the lucky winners, you’ll still be able to grab an eBook copy for less than $5! Kirkus and I thank you for your support.
My Guest Blog

After you've commented on this blog, please check out my guest blog on Kirkus' site, called Stealing Time, that I wrote last month: Stealing Time Guest Blog. In it I talk about my struggle as a working parent. Kirkus has a lot of great articles on parenting and writing so poke around a bit if you have time. 

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When I'm not working on Stealing Time you can find me on my social media at the links below. I hope to have my novel completed by spring 2013 with book two close behind.


MindySue said...

Woohooo!!!! That's exciting. Hope it goes amazing! Can't wait to see if I win a copy!

KJ Waters said...

Thanks for stopping over Mindy Sue. Good luck with the contest. Appreciate ya!

Kennyc said...

What a great friend you are KJ. The cover itself is intense, wonder what the book will hold.

KJ Waters said...

Thanks Kenny! I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I'm reading an advanced copy of WRATH and loving it. Kirkus has written a dark and twisty tale that has me on the edge of my seat. I just got to the part on the cover and woah! I think you'd like it a lot!

Valentine said...

Sounds great! Promoting is difficult and you're a sweetheart for helping him.

KJ Waters said...

Thanks so much for stopping on my blog Valentine! Appreciate your kind words. As I said Kirkus is one of my twitter bff's so it was easy to say yes!

Gale Minchew said...

I agree with Valentine...promotion is difficult without the help of supportive friends. Thank you for letting us know about Kirkus' new release, Wrath...and Congrats Kirkus!

Bessamy said...

I am not concerned with the pretty blue rose on the cover. It is the hand in the jar that makes me take a double take. Yikes! Thanks for the chance! =)

Holly CartonofCare said...

Hi KJ, well the blue rose indicates mystery, something out of grasp. I can't wait to read Kirkus MacGowan's "Wrath". Your such a sweetheart, and I am sure he appreciates your help!

KJ Waters said...

Thanks Gale! Really appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

KJ Waters said...

Haha, yes, I agree. Just read that part of the book and oh man, good stuff! Thanks for participating!

KJ Waters said...

Holly, thanks so much for stopping by!! I'll tell you in a DM what the rose means. I don't want to ruin guesses for anyone else! Appreciate your comments and support of Kirkus!

Ashley T. said...

Thanks for the chance! I would love to win!

KJ Waters said...

Good luck! Thanks for stopping by!

Chrissy said...

There is a lot of talk here on the cover of the new book WRATH by Kirkus MacGowan. The cover is intriguing on many levels, hand in the jar, black and white with an added interest of a single blue rose, but the best might be the word WRATH and the way it looks like it has been scrawled on the cover with a razor blade over and over in anger. Interesting cover, but I think the best part is going to be found inside. I was hooked from the opening lines and I can't wait for this book to come out so I can devour every word. The first chapter has me emotionally wrapped up in the characters in a way I don't think I have ever experienced, I can't wait for more!

Blondee said...

Wow - great chapter One! I'm hooked. But I have No Idea what that blue rose on the cover may mean.... I sure hope I win a free E-copy! I LOVE to read and I'm going to be counting the minutes now until I can read the rest. : )

KJ Waters said...

Well said Chrissy! Good luck with the contest and I'm very glad you're excited about WRATH!

KJ Waters said...

Hey Blondee, thanks for stopping by! I'm very glad you' enjoyed chapter 1 and best of luck with the contest! Would love to hear back from you after you've read it to see how you like it. Be sure to write a review on Amazon for Kirkus!

Terry Tyler said...

I've read it but did I miss the blue rose reference?? Anyway, I'd like to be entered, please! The book I'm in the middle of on my Kindle is Wild Water by Indie author friend Jan Ruth, but I've been too busy to read for 2 months!

KJ Waters said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Terry! I know the feeling of being too busy to ready someone's book (ahem, yours) so I understand! Good luck! I'll facebook you the blue rose.

Kirkus MacGowan said...

I wanted to stop over and thank all of you for the amazing support. I had a great time reading over the comments on all the blogs, and may have even found another book or two I can toss on my reading list.

Check back on my blog tomorrow afternoon for a list of the contest winners. Thanks again, and I wish you all luck!

Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams:

KJ Waters said...

Thanks Kirkus good to see you over here! Hope the contest went well and you have a great launch of Wrath.

Hey friends, be sure to stop over to Kirkus' site tomorrow to see if you won!