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New Five Stars on Stealing TIme

New Five Star Reviews on Stealing Time


I'm so excited to share with you the latest reviews that are coming in on my book from Amazon. Stay tuned
I have something new coming out soon 

on April 3, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed Stealing Time. It is a really well put together time travel story with an interesting twist.
 I enjoyed the two separate story lines running simultaneously in the present and in the 1700's. It is fast paced 
and quite intriguing. I'm very much looking forward to book two!
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on April 2, 2016 intricately woven story with compelling strands... at the height of a powerful hurricane in Florida, 
a time warp envelops the lead female character, hurtling her across time and continents... from the 
modern day back to the eighteenth century, and transporting her to Olde London... but there’s 
more intriguing changes... her identity subsumes from her current persona to a completely different 
woman...even her appearance is altered... the single constant is her own mind, and therein lies the plot... 
dreadful, terrifying circumstances impact her new form with accusations from her ‘brother’ of witchcraft, 
leading to trials and travails of prison and impending death by hanging... but all is not completely lost... 
a distant ‘cousin’ emerges to attempt to rescue her... back in the present, the hurricane continues to 
rage with deft switching of scenes, stealing time twixt the old and the new... a clever novel, and a great 
tester for the ensuing books in the trilogy...
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on April 1, 2016
As an avid fan of ANYTHING 17th or 18th century AND once addicted (...maybe still) to Quantum Leap, 
when I stumbled across Stealing Time, by author KJ Waters, I couldn't resist adding it to my long list of 
things to do! Being a teacher, father of two and busy author myself, I find it very difficult to read as much 
as I would like, but once I began reading Stealing Time, it did not seem to be a challenge at all. The 
realistic mental imagery of 18th century London, perfectly mixed with the enticement of a perfect storm, 
time travel and spicy characters kept me on the edge of my seat. KJ Waters undoubtedly researched 
her history! I found her book to be historically refreshing and educational, rather than eye-rolling and 
inaccurate, which I have encountered in other "time-travelish" books.

Stealing Time is pleasantly packed with believable, well-developed characters worth investing your time 
with. They all keep you involved, and I applaud the Ms. Waters with the flawless way the characters 
differ based on the century they were from. This must have been a challenge.

If you are looking for a suspenseful, historical, witch-hunt of a journey - read STEALING TIME...and like me, 
you'll be impatiently waiting for round two.
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on March 2, 2016
KJ Waters must have a strong musical background because her first novel, Stealing Time, proves she's 
determined to become a rock superstar in the literary field. The author takes you on an emotional, page 
turning roller coaster of a ride. This suspenseful time traveling epic is filled with characters you love to hate, 
characters you hate to love, and a body of unforgettable characters. It's a fast-paced read that will have the 
readers sitting on the edge of their seat. Five stars all the way for an amazing author with an incredible literary
 future in front of her. Thanks KJ Waters!
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on February 7, 2016
What happens when you toss a hurricane and time travel in a blender? You get this fantastic book by, 
KJ Waters. Celebrating her birthday during Hurricane Charley that is striking Orlando with her friend Steph, 
Ronnie Andrews decides to spend the rest of her special day with her boyfriend Jeffery, who works at a weather 
lab. Little does she know, Jeffery has a gift in a watch that will send her back to eighteenth century London.
Once there, she finds herself in the body of a teenager named, Regina. Ronnie's (Regina) speech is foreign
 to everyone in that time period and throw in that Regina's brother has special plans for her, things become dicey. 
She refuses to take part in her brothers plan, becomes defiant, and is then accused of being a witch. Now it 
becomes a desperate search to find the watch Regina's brother took that can send her back to her own time.
Besides the main story arch of Ronnie, the secondary one focused on her friend's Steph and Nick as they ride 
out the hurricane within Steph's home. It was interesting, but I would have liked to have read more about 
Jeffery's frantic effort to bring Ronnie back.
Overall, Stealing Time is a great read and a fantastic debut novel from KJ Waters. The story flowed well, the 
characters were well developed, and she did a fantastic job of setting me back in eighteenth century London.
A solid 4.5. Since Amazon won't let me do a .5, this book is a deserving 5 star.
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