Friday, March 18, 2016

Laurence O'Bryan -- Episode 27 -- The Year of the Indie

Excellent podcast this week with Laurence O'Bryan, founder of the book marketing service, Books Go Social and a traditionally published author with Harper Collins gone indie on his just released book, The Nurmeberg Puzzle.

Laurence was a lot of fun to interview, his enthusiasm for the craft of writing and his passion for helping authors is so similar to what we are trying to do at Blondie and the Brit. Laurence's Irish charm and wit and all around great guy give this podcast a very special feel. 

I think we won him over too, you can tell by his laugh just before the lightning round. 
You can listen now if you click on the link here.


Laurence O'Bryan is the founder of, the global book promotion service. He is also the author of three novels, published by Harper Collins in the U.S. & U.K.. His novels have been translated into 11 languages. He was short-listed for the Irish Crime Writer of the Year in 2012 for the first of these, The Istanbul Puzzle, and won the best novel award at the Southern California Writers Conference in 2007 for that novel. He is also the self-published author of a guide to social media, Social Media is Dynamite.

The Nuremberg Puzzle

Check it out on Amazon
Waves of refugees are stirring up deep emotions across Germany. 

Sean Ryan flies to Nuremberg, where he meets an old colleague, Eleni Kibre. She tells him that fascist forces are growing in strength across Germany. She’s concerned about what she’s discovered. An hour later she's murdered, grotesquely. 

The police arrive at Sean’s hotel to question him. That night Eleni’s partner goes missing. 
Soon Sean is on the trail of mass murders intent on committing genocide in Europe, again. 

Afraid of what's about to happen, Isabel follows him to Nuremberg. Her grandfather worked at the Nuremberg trials, and she’s found out why he committed suicide soon after they ended. His last letter claims that the real culprits were never tried at Nuremberg. 

A jaw dropping secret, hidden for decades, is revealed in The Nuremberg Puzzle. Do not miss this straight-from-the-headlines expose of the real dark forces currently shaping the fate of Europe and of our world.

If you're interested in joining us the Blondie and the Brit podcast give us a shout out in the comments below. We are looking for Indie and traditionally published authors who have one or more books published on Amazon with more than 10 positive reviews, with a substantial social media presence. 

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